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Episode 80 | VITAMIN C FOR HORSES – When Is It Needed?

In this podcast, Peter and Bryan discuss when a horse should be supplemented Vitamin C? Also, a listener question about hoof health in wet weather. Including: Facts about Vitamin C for horses. How much Vitamin C is required in a horse’s diet? What impact does Vitamin C have on the horse’s body systems? Strategies to […]

Are you a breeder- CEN Dog Nutrition

CEN Puppy Pack for Breeders

If you’re a breeder, we want to work with you! We offer a special Puppy Pack that is the ultimate meal topper recommended by breeders Australia wide. This pack will help your puppies grow and develop into healthy, happy dogs. What is CEN Puppy Pack? One of the most important things you can do to […]

Episode 79 | DO HORSES REALLY NEED GRAIN? – Is There A Safe Level?

In this podcast, Peter and Bryan discuss whether a horse really requires grain in the diet? What levels are safe? Also, a listener question about sand accumulation in the gut, ways to prevent and treat it. Including: Facts about horse digestion of grain. How much grain is safe for a horse? What impact do high […]


In This Article:What is rain scald?Signs & symptoms of rain scaldHow can nutrition help prevent rain scald? WHAT IS RAIN SCALD? Have you ever noticed that your horse’s coat looks a little worse for wear after a big downpour? The matted clumps of hair and crust is known as Rain Scald. Rain Scald is caused […]

Travel Stress Management in Horses

Stressed horses are more likely to have digestive problems and changes in behaviour, according to a new study by the Centre of Nutrition at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. When travelling away with your horse the last thing you want is to be worrying about your horse’s stress and the effects on their wellbeing.  HOW […]

Send A Voice Message For The CEN Podcast

Be a part of our CEN Nutrition Podcast! Want to be part of the very popular CEN Nutrition Podcast? – Ask Bryan and Peter a question about any topic you would like to know more about horse nutrition. OR – Leave a testimonial about the amazing results on CEN. – Your audio may be selected […]

Episode 16 | CORGI SHOW SECRETS AND STORY – Tania Brady Registered ANKC Breeder

In this podcast, Bryan & Leisa interviews ANKC Corgi Breeder Tania Brady from Heilyn Cardis who has a lifetime of experience with Corgis. Range of topics including the types of Corgis, positives and negatives of ownership and how the CEN supplements influence a Corgi’s overall health. SHOW INFO LINK: Welsh Corgi Club of Queensland – […]

Episode 78 | 5 TIPS FOR WINTER FEEDING – How To Thrive In The Cooler Weather

In this podcast, 1st Episode of SEASON 5! Peter and Bryan discuss 5 key Winter feeding tips + Bonus Tips to help your horse thrive through the cooler weather. Including: Facts about horse digestion and metabolism in cooler weather. What impact does rugging have on weight/condition? How water intake volume in Winter is important. What […]

Benefits Of Collagen For Women & Men

In This Article:What is collagen?Collagen for skin healthCollagen in body structureCollagen in nail & hair healthCollagen in digestive healthCollagen for blood vessel healthHow much collagen is required WHAT IS COLLAGEN? Collagen has become a keystone supplement in the management of the ageing process. Collagen is a structural protein and the most abundant protein in our […]


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