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Episode 33 | FEEDING WEANLINGS, YEARLINGS & YOUNG HORSES – For Bone Quality & Growth

In this podcast, Peter and Bryan discuss the care and nutrition of younger horses. In particular:

  • What elements influence bone quality and growth.  
  • What is a healthy feeding strategy for all stages of a young horse’s life?
  • Why too much starch can cause problems with a younger horse’s structural and metabolic development?
  • Finally, they discuss a recent study on the effects of a fibre ration vs grain ration diet on the development of thoroughbred foals.

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Study Reference:
Moore-Colyer M, Tuthill P, Bannister I, Daniels S, Growth rates of Thoroughbred foals and in vitro gut health parameters when fed a cereal or an all fibre creep feed., Journal of Equine Veterinary Science (2020), doi:



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