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Episode 5 | LEAKY GUT IN DOGS – Is Your Dog Showing Symptoms

In this podcast, Peter and Bryan discuss the details of Leaky Gut Syndrome in Dogs and how it affects the health of your dog. Including:

  • What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?
  • Is Leaky Gut Syndrome linked to inflammatory conditions?
  • How to help prevent Leaky Gut Syndrome?
  • Which CEN products will help prevent Leaky Gut Syndrome?

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CEN Dog Nutrition Google Podcast

Anchor Podcast | CEN Nutrition

Spotify Podcast | CEN Nutrition

CEN Collagen

CEN Collagen

Collagen is rich in the amino acid glycine, which plays a key role in their digestive system health. The leaky gut syndrome can affect dogs by increasing the risk of other health problems including auto-immune, disease, allergies and temperament. Collagen can help repair and restore the gut lining to improve leaky gut conditions.



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