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Episode 52 | CEN LUPIN PELLET – A New Development

In this podcast, Peter and Bryan discuss the new CEN Lupin Pellet, a true game changer!

This is not like any lupin pellet because it is high in fibre and lower in protein than a straight lupin. The CEN Lupin Pellet is 100% Australian made and has a consistent nutrient profile with no requirement for soaking.

  • How does the CEN Lupin Pellet compare to the common additional cool calorie sources on the market – copra, beet pulp, rice bran or soy hulls.
  • Where is the CEN Lupin Pellet made?

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CEN Lupin Pellet

CEN Lupin Pellet

The CEN Lupin Pellet is a very healthy calorie source for horses, being high in fibre, low starch and sugar. It is very high in digestible fibre which supports sustained energy at a slower release, compared to traditional high starch grains.

Many nutritionists term Lupins as a “Super Fibre” for this reason, they are used by the horse as a prebiotic, being highly beneficial for the gut microbiome, they are broken down into volatile fatty acids for energy. 



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