GUY MCLEAN – CEN Nutrition Review

"We cannot believe the difference it has made for our young and older horses, like our sweet mare Bridie. She is a retired performance team member and is the mother of Bling and Bucky, two stunning young and up and coming Team members. We are so blessed to have these amazing horses in our lives for what they share with us, and we are so grateful we are able to look after them well beyond their performance days. We know our 22 horses are happier and healthier on the CEN products."

CEN Horse Products Recommended by Guy McLean

Guy Mclean recommends CEN CF50, CEN Gold & CEN Oil for all his horses to enable them to thrive in health and performance.

Guy is also on CEN Collagen for his sore hips, joints & muscles

Use Coupon Code: GUY5 at the cart for a discount.

"I used to wake up in the middle of the night screaming in pain.."


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