When a horse is in training, the requirement for cool calorie sources in the diet can be achieved in many ways. Cool calorie sources are defined as having low sugar and starch profile and higher fibre levels than traditional grain based calories sources. They are considered non-heating and do not create large insulin spikes which can lead to insulin resistance and sensitivity.
You may be feeding beet pulp, copra, soy hulls, rice bran or lupins or a combination of these. But what if the profiles of all could be improved with one single Australian made product.

Introducing the new CEN Lupin Pellet, a true game changer! This is not like any lupin pellet because it is high in fibre and lower in protein than a straight lupin. The CEN Lupin Pellet is 100% Australian made and has a consistent nutrient profile with no requirement for soaking.


The CEN Lupin Pellet is a very healthy calorie source for horses, being high in fibre, low starch and sugar. It is very high in digestible fibre which supports sustained energy at a slower release, compared to traditional high starch grains. Many nutritionists term Lupins as a “Super Fibre” for this reason, they are used by the horse as a prebiotic, being highly beneficial for the gut microbiome, they are broken down into volatile fatty acids for energy. 

The CEN Lupin Pellet takes the traditional lupin one step further by increasing the fibre to over 30%. Another benefit for providing a high digestible fibre and low starch calorie source is the maintenance of a healthy digestive function. The physiology of the horse evolved on fibre to fuel their bodies from a constant intake of fibrous plant material. Using this as the primary energy source is optimal for their general health and performance. Over 70% of the immune system is found in the digestive tract, which puts more emphasis on selecting high fibre calorie sources for support.

Combining this with a low starch nutrient profile is the healthiest form of digestible energy for all horses, from pleasure, performance to breading and growing young horses. 


Feeding straight lupins can push your overall protein levels higher than optimal levels. Straight lupins contain over 30% protein and when combined with the other protein sources like lucerne, can be detrimental to health and performance.

Excessive protein intake in performance horses can lead to dehydration, kidney disturbances, negative behaviour or respiratory problems.

Many horse owners and trainers already feed some lucerne hay where available so doubling up should be limited as they are both legumes. The CEN Lupin Pellet is the solution to this with lower protein levels, but still at suitable levels with the quality amino acid profile to help support muscle growth.


The CEN Lupin Pellet has a superior trace mineral profile that suits the Australian soil conditions. One of the important aspects of feeding horses in Australia is lowering the naturally occurring iron levels in the raw ingredients of calorie sources. This is due to the high iron levels already occurring naturally in pasture and hay.
Additionally Australian pasture and hay are commonly low in zinc and copper, significantly lower than the recommended levels for optimal horse health.
All three compete for absorption, meaning too much iron results in less zinc and copper absorbed. So this trace mineral imbalance can have negative health effects on a range of body systems within the horse.
The CEN Lupin Pellet has these trace minerals at improved ratios, compared to the other fibre calorie sources on the market. It provides higher zinc and copper to help offset the naturally occurring high iron found in Australian soils. Achieving a better overall trace mineral balance for your horse, will help improve coat colour and quality, immune system function, bones, joints and hoof health. 


CEN Lupin Pellet Made in Australia

The raw ingredients in the CEN Lupin Pellet are 100% Australian grown. This is unlike beet pulp, copra, rice bran which is all imported into Australia.

Especially in these challenging times, it is good to support not only the Australian farms for a fresher product but a 100% Australian owned company in CEN Nutrition.


When comparing the nutrition profiles of common “healthy” calorie sources for horses, the CEN Lupin Pellet leads the way with the nutrient level balance that promotes optimum horse health. Additionally it is an excellent conditioning feed for horses in training and also young growing horses.
To improve the nutrient profile of all horse diets, adding the CEN Lupin Pellet as a healthy calorie source will help achieve high performance and overall health.
If you would like to incorporate the CEN Lupin Pellet into the diet of your horse, please access our free diet analysis or contact CEN for more information. 

CEN Lupin Pellet Comparison


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