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Improving Pet Wellness

CEN Nutrition is 100% Australian owned and based on the simple principle of “Nature Knows Best”.

Our mission is to develop market leading animal products on the latest scientific research that bridge the gap between nutrition and pharmaceuticals.

We are committed to improving pet wellness in order for them to live longer, happier and healthier lives through proper nutrition and care.

Improving Pet Wellness


Natural Equine supplements developed according to a thorough understanding of physiology, function and what best complements a horses’ body system.



Natural, non-medicated supplements developed to support the Joint & Skin Health alongside with the Immune System Health of your dog.



We have a gelding with chronic gut issues, and after trying a myriad of treatments without success, we found CEN Ulcer Protect and gave it a go. We are extremely happy with how well he is doing on it – his gut issues have improved markedly and he’s now a happier horse all round. Great product, great company to buy from. Five stars from us!read more

Damian Foale
20:15 19 Mar 21

CEN has been my go-to horse supplement provider for a few years now. The products keep my horse kids happy and healthy, and Bryan is extremely knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to help with nutritional analysis. CEN are super efficient with shipping too, so the products are delivered at express speeds. Give them a go, you won’t be disappointed!read more

Kassey Dougal
01:10 19 Mar 21

I decided to try CEN Oil after seeing and hearing positive feedback from others, and I could not be happier with the results! CEN Oil has helped my horse to gain weight and has absolutely transformed his coat. Loving the CEN shine!

Alexandra Rogers
06:41 23 Mar 21

CEN Oil has improved my thoroughbred’s coat, and has helped him put on weight. In the three months I’ve been feeding it I have noticed great results. Highly recommend.

04:02 19 Mar 21

I have 3 dogs that are aging and have been looking for a product like this for them and had not found anything that I felt good enough. I ordered, and have been thrilled and look on adding more into their diets now that I have found a brand that I can trust. The company keep you updated on tracking and have had brilliant customer service. I absolutely love that this is an Australian more

Sharon Elkins
02:10 09 May 21

I have had my show teamOn CEN for approx 6 months now. As they are show dogs I need them to be at their best inside & out. I have tried so many products in the past but not one company provided what CEN does. One stop shop covers all our needs. My dogs coats have never been better, they are fitter, happier, more energy. I kept CEN as my little secret for a while but now I promote it to anyone who will more

Tania Brady
02:05 09 May 21

I have been using CEN Nutrition for my show dogs for about 3 months now with great results. My oldies have benefited greatly – previously they had discomfort and some lameness from arthritis but now are doing so well. I have also used CEN Nutrition on my younger dogs for improvement in their coat – both coat condition and helping to come back into coat quickly after dropping coat. Thank you to Tania of Heilyn Cardigans for putting me onto this great more

Desmond McCann
09:47 09 May 21

I have had my 4 Danes on CEN now for a little while and am very impressed. I have noticed the difference in the 2 older Danes movement in particular, within a reasonably short time frame. Very happy to continue using their products.🥰

Clancy Buchanan
02:50 14 May 21

I started my 2 1/2 year old Clydesdale X gelding on CEN Oil this year and cannot believe how shiny & healthy he looks! Every single hair on his body shines like a diamond in the sun! I get comments on his coat all the time and am asked what I feed him! I quickly say well the secret is CEN Oil. I am now transitioning my gelding off large amounts of grain based feed and bulking him up on hay with his CEN oil, CF50 pellets, Chaff & salt. My 31yr old mare is now on the CEN diet too… she’s only just started so can’t wait to see the results!I highly recommend you calling up CEN head office and asking their nutritional advice! I am now happy knowing my horses are being fed 100% correctly & cost effective too!I’m attaching photos of my Clydesdale X Gelding … you will see exactly why I love this product!Thank you Team CEN!read more

Madison Swan
05:47 18 May 21

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Absolutely LOVE CEN Products! Have been using CF50 + CEN OIL + CEN GOLD for about 3 years now and my mare looks AMAZING. Bryan Meggitt has been a wealth of information and he and his team (all of whom are absolutely wonderful to deal with) are always available and willing to help, give advice and talk to me. They are incredibly quick to respond and ALWAYS make time to talk to me. Thanks CEN TEAM… you guys are really awesome (as are your products!) 👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💖read more

Judy Boyd-Moss
03:12 04 Jun 21

I have a French bulldog that competes and excels in all types of dog sports. Conformation showing, Obedience, Rally-o, trick dog and most noticeably in agility! After an injury when she was young I wanted to support her joints and had her on CEN active joint power. She was still having skin flare ups and I could never tell what would set her off. This year I added CEN Oil for dogs to her diet and we have never looked back. She had a major emergency surgery near the start of the year and bounced back so well she even shocked the vet and I put it all down to her being on excellent quality supplements and preventative health measures.I tell everyone about CEN products as soon as they comment on her coat or health. Its our secret weapon!!read more

09:33 25 Jun 21

Bryan Meggitt is a Legend honestly this man really takes the time to discuss and listen! I absolutely highly recommend CEN Products because without them my horses wouldn’t be in such amazing health and look incredible!CEN looks after our horses and dogs health but they also care about owners. With amazing quality Jackets, T-shirts and caps offering style, warmth and amazing fit!I can’t recommend these guys and gals highly enough! Speak to their personal Nutritionist and find out for yourself 💜 My horses health and wellbeing is my number 1 priority! CEN Surely delivers on keeping my horses happy and more

Serina Thomson
08:43 08 Jul 21

I’ve recently purchased my first product from Cen Nutrition. The delivery was super fast, received my item in a few days. Definitely would recommend this business and their products to any looking for top quality Australian products.

amra jugovic
03:10 01 Jul 21

I’ve had my show team of Cardigan Corgis on CEN for about 6 months. It’s been a tight kept secret for a while, until we couldn’t hold our tongues anymore and just had to yell the CEN name. Now we will recommend it to anyone who listens (even if they don’t). The products are just the ducks more

Heilyn Cardis
09:16 26 Jul 21

We were recommended Cen Omega Oil by Charlie’s breeder and its the best decision made.His coat had become so much healthy and has a amazing shine to it.Also Charlie was quite itchy around his neck area and since starting the oil the last 3 weeks he has improved so much and hardly ever itches now. Overall I would definitely recommend this product to any dog owner even if your dog doesn’t have allergies its a great for overall health and the immune system. Charlie will definitely be on Cen Omega Oil for the rest of his life because I swear by it more

amra jugovic
21:47 03 Aug 21

My favourite thing about CEN is there holistic approach to horse health. Do yourself a favour and listen to their podcasts, you’ll learn a lot and save money on your feed bill! Our two ponies are currently on CEN Oil, which they thoroughly enjoy. They have soft and shiny winter coats but I’m especially looking forward to seeing just how shiny they are in Summer when they lose the fluff!read more

Ruby Crackle Pop
02:53 13 Aug 21

Huge fan of CEN products.. I’ve tried out most of them and find they really do what they say they will. They have made such a difference in my 19 year old gelding, even our vet has commented on how wonderful he’s looking. So shiny and healthy plus much happier in himself too 😍Bryan has been an incredibly helpful supporter from the start.. always happy to answer all my questions and share his wealth of knowledge for the best more

Kim F
00:04 03 Sep 21

I’ve been giving their products to my corgi for a few months now. I can definitely tell the difference in her coat and joints.Her fur is shining and so soft!I highly recommend their products and can’t wait to try the electrolyte product come summerread more

Aimee Holden
03:23 14 Aug 21

Amazing products helpful and knowledgeable humans love them!!!Horses and dogs both so much happier and healthier!! Older guys who suffer from arthritis are so much .more comfortable and pain free on the CEN GoldCan’t recommend these products highly enoughread more

Tam Brindella
04:17 24 Aug 21

I have been using the CEN oil on my horse for a few months now and the results have been incredible! During the winter my horse lost a fair amount of weight and muscle, which then affected his coat. He is a beautiful dark chestnut with very healthy skin 80% of the time but after his numerous rugs, his fur became very frail and dull. I put him on the CEN oil to help with his weight loss and within weeks his coat was shinning again, he gained weight, which then lead to gaining muscle and he currently looks amazing! I cannot recommend these products enough, they are worth every penny.Drew & Phoenix 😻read more

Drew Crabbe
07:00 15 Oct 21

CEN products have been amazing for both my performance horses and retired horses. It works out to be a cost effective way onto provide optimal nutrition for my horses, and the team are always more than happy to help with any questions I have. Would highly recommend! Thanksread more

Madeleine McDonogh
23:03 07 Nov 21

One year ago I came on board with CEN as a brand ambassador after meeting them and moving all my competitive rodeo team of horses on to CEN products and feed.I was sitting 10th in the national championship for the rodeo season 11 months ago, and last night was the national finals where I walked into the competition as the number 1 ranked competitor!My horses look and feel amazing and I can’t thank CEN enough for their support and for introducing me to this fantastic nutritionMy horses are my life and I want to give them every opportunity to be happy and more

Rebecca Young
02:00 28 Nov 21

I have had incredible results on CEN grain free. Not only do my horses look incredibly shiny, but this feed had shown a huge difference in their work ethic under saddle. I’ve gone through some feeds that have caused heating and have run them up the walls, but I haven’t noticed any of that at all with this one!This feed is worth every cent of the price. Can’t go past it!read more

Kiana Gibbon
11:10 06 Dec 21

My mare gets the CF50, CEN oil and CEN Gold. So happy with the CEN products. I’m feeding hardly anything and she looks amazing. She’s kept her black coat and just shines.

Bethany McNaught
08:26 21 Sep 21

I HIGHLY recommend CEN products! – we use the Digestive+ and CEN oil and have found it to make out PWC’s coats look and feel AMAZING! So shiny and soft, they’re glowing!

Kayla Grannall
00:11 05 Oct 21

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