Mycotoxins – The Potential Dangers To Your Horse

What are Mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are a group of chemicals found in pasture, hay and grains that can pose potential dangers to horses. The effects of these compounds vary widely. Some horses may show no symptoms, while others may suffer from reduced feed intake and physical signs.

Regardless of how a pasture is managed, there are several ways to help prevent exposure to mycotoxins in the pasture.

The first step to preventing pasture contamination is to be aware of mycotoxin-containing plants that are in your pasture. You can do this by introducing a toxin-binder to your horse’s feed. In addition to reducing the toxic effects of mycotoxins, they can also prevent mineral imbalances and increase nutrient absorption.

Dangers of Mycotoxins

Testing forages and feed is a great way to reduce mycotoxin exposure in horses. Testing for mycotoxins in pastures will help you identify the types of forages and feed that are most likely to contain harmful compounds.

High levels of mycotoxin exposure in spring pastures can cause acute or subclinical problems in horses. Horses can experience gastrointestinal distress, loss of appetite, skin lesions and irritation, and reproductive failure.

Mycotoxins in spring pasture are a major concern for horses in Australia. Horses spend the majority of their life in pastures, so it is important to carefully monitor the pastures. Some grasses are particularly susceptible to mycotoxins. Mycotoxins present significant dangers for horses and can cause them to stagger, lose coordination, condition and appetite.

The levels of mycotoxins present in pastures may vary widely throughout the year depending on environmental factors such as rain.

How Do I Prevent Mycotoxins?

When feeding horses, make sure to use high-quality hay that is free of fungi. This will minimise the risk of horses suffering from equine mycotoxins in spring pasture. The main types of mycotoxins are aflatoxins and fusariums.

Feeding a toxin binder during times of rain and between seasons can act as a good precaution to increase toxins in the grass. It is also important to keep in mind that sugar levels increase from winter to spring.

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