• 4.5L CEN Oil + 7kg CF50 + 1.5kg Gold
  • 4.5L CEN Oil + 7kg CF50 + 2kg Electrolyte
  • 4.5L CEN Oil + 7kg CF50 + 1.2kg Ulcer Protect
  • 4.5L CEN Oil + 7kg CF50 + 1.2kg XtraBalance

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CEN Oil contains the highest OMEGA 3 profile on the market.  Omega 3 is essential for overall health particularly beneficial for brain, nerve and muscle function, the immune system, coat/skin, joints and hooves. It cannot be made by the horse, they require it in their diet from fresh pasture or by adding to feed

CEN CF50 is specifically balanced and provides horses with a healthy palatable vitamin and mineral supplement, which reduces the wastage that can result from feeding powdered supplements. CEN CF50 provides the necessary nutrients to promote a happier healthier horse. It is ideal for pleasure horses up to elite equine athletes.

CEN Ulcer Protect is a unique natural formulation which may help reduce, heal and protect the stomach from the incidence of ulcers. CEN Ulcer Protect is all natural, non-medicated formulation.

CEN Complete Electrolyte is a sugar and filler free complete electrolyte, balanced to match the proportion of electrolytes lost through sweat. Each serving provides rapid re-hydration through a concentrated high quality formula. 

CEN XtraBalance is formulated to maintain healthy digestive function to ensure better absorption of nutrients, manufacture of vitamins and minerals, a stronger immune system and removal of mycotoxins. 

CEN GOLD is a unique natural formulation which may help reduce inflammation and assist in immune system health. Formulated from organic turmeric (5% curcumin), rosehip granules and stabilised linseed meal (25% Omega 3). 

natural leaves