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A unique and natural formulation rich in polyphenols and anti-oxidants to assist with bone strength and reduce inflammation naturally. Used Australia-wide by performance and pleasure horses, studs and trainers.

Rich in vitamins and omega fatty acids contained in the turmeric, rosehip granules, and linseed meal supports and strengthens the horse’s immunity.


✅ 4 in 1 Powdered Joint Supplement

✅ Natural Anti-inflammatory Benefits

✅ Contains Rosehip, Turmeric, Linseed Meal

✅ May Assist with Joint Health

✅ Help Boosts Immunity

✅ Rich in Antioxidants and Polyphenols

✅ Supports Digestive Health

✅ May Help Skin and Coat Health


Based on 500kg horse:
40 grams/day (1 full scoop)
Feed daily mixed well with feed. Can be split into 20g morning and night.




Organic Turmeric can help in reducing inflammation and pain without the side effects. It’s suitable for horses suffering from osteoarthritis. Researchers from Germany and The UK revealed that curcumin significantly reduces the inflammatory pathways found in horses suffering from osteoarthritis.


Collagen helps support joint health by providing the building blocks of the surrounding connective tissue. It is the most abundant protein in the body and is required in the diet for optimum joint support. Research has shown that hydrolysed collagen supplements can help strengthen the bone and the amount of stress the connective tissues can withstand while being stretched or pulled during exercise.

Hydrolysed collagen peptides provide the building blocks for the cartilage that lines the ends of the bones inside of moveable joints. This can have a beneficial effect on reducing lameness, joint effusion and increasing joint flexibility.


Rosehip may help ease joint inflammation and joint damage. It is rich in antioxidants, mainly Vitamin C that can strengthen blood vessel walls, which can positively affect healthy hoof growth. Rosehip contains bioflavonoids which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.


Linseed Meal contains Omega 3 which promotes anti-inflammatory conditions. Lab-tested levels of 25% Omega 3 at room temperature. Food grade full-fat milled linseeds (Non-GMO) are used. Antioxidants help preserve the purity and integrity of the oil while making the proteins highly usable for equine use. None of the natural oils is removed or expelled during the process leaving all of the nutritious and desirable Omega 3 fatty acids intact. There are no added/artificial preservatives.


Organic Turmeric, Rosehip, Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides & Stabilised Linseed Meal.

7 reviews for CEN GOLD

  1. Ivy Millichamp-Parry

    My mare, Josie, had some serious issues with allergic reactions (one of which required vet treatment as she couldn’t move comfortably due to her neck and legs being so swollen). CEN recommended trying CEN Gold, and since then, not one allergic reaction!! Josie is so much happier and isn’t itchy anymore either. This is the second horse I’ve had huge improvements with, on the CEN Gold. 10/10 recommend.

  2. Jess Fittock

    My second favourite CEN product
    My gelding suffered muscle inflammation and lameness from years of bad farrier work, when I Xrayed him he had severe negative Palmar angles in 3/4 hooves and spurs on his fetlocks from the pressure of being on his heels.
    A new farrier and a start on CEN gold within 2 weeks the inflammation in his muscles particularly over his lumbar region was gone and back to normal with almost zero tenderness and 8 months down the track I got him re-Xrayed and the Spurs had almost completely disappeared, CEN gold has played a massive part in Mani’s recovery and he will continue to stay on this unbelievable product.
    Results are in the name, so highly recommended

  3. Graeme Jordan (verified owner)

    Our 3 horses, 2 in their early 20’s have improved out of sight in appearance since using CEN Gold, the softness and shine of their coats is nothing short of remarkable. Both the older horses have shown slight improvement in movement after 2 months so looking forward to the long term benefits. Highly recommend trying.

  4. Cailin B

    One of my main horses made a trip up from Canberra and since has suffered itch. I’ve noticed a huge reduction in him being itchy since feeding the gold, I’ve taken him off it to check it wasn’t a coincidence, and it’s safe to say I ordered another bucket pretty quickly and he’s been on it since!

  5. Gina (verified owner)

    Despite daily spraying with insect repellent, my rescue thoroughbred Troy has been under siege to the point of almost re-homing him. But after one tub of CEN Gold, there is a noticeable improvement. He is still scratching on trees but not tearing himself up and is in great condition. I’m ready to order again!

  6. Simone (verified owner)

    My horse came up from Victoria and has QLD itch with CEN Gold we are able to control it and keep it to a minimum . It also helps keep him performing and looking his best. We stopped it for a while and the itch flared up but within weeks of restarting it it was back under control. CEN Gold for QLD life!

  7. melmaher (verified owner)

    I purchased an OTT five year old mare knowing that she had fluid with a low grade tendon injury to her nearside fore. I was already a massive fan of the XtraBalance and upon doing loads of research I decided to try her on the Cen Gold. I coupled this supplement with mud treatment, chiro and oesto care. At the conclusion of the Gold 1.5kg packet my chiro/osteo returned and was amazed with the healing of the leg. All swelling and any tendon deviation was gone. And her gait at the walk and trot had returned to normal. The chiro/osteo returned today, almost 3 months after the initial consult and is still impressed at the progress of the mare and the overall change in her body strength and appearance. I am now feeding an OTT gelding Cen Gold for knee swelling after a knock. I’m so excited to see the results. Thank you so much Team Cen 😊

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