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Your dog’s diet and nutrition are key factors in a long, happy, healthy life. Modern preformulated pet foods may not be meeting your pet’s nutritional requirements.

Improve your dog’s health naturally with a highly palatable and digestible Omega 3 oil which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. CEN Oil may help with coat, skin, joint and digestive health by reducing gut inflammation and may improve skin conditions leading to less irritation.

The concentration and quality of CEN Oil result in a low daily feed rate making it an affordable and cost-effective addition to your dog’s diet.


✅ High in Omega 3 (60%)

✅ Highly Palatable & Digestible

✅ Shiny Coat & Good Skin Health

✅ Helps Support Your Dog’s Immune System

✅ May Help With Joint Health & Arthritis

✅ May Improve Mobility

✅ Helps in the Reduction of Inflammation

✅ Helps Support Calm Behaviour

✅ All Natural, No Chemicals

✅ Suitable For Dogs of All Sizes, Adults and Puppies

✅ Can be Given to Puppies When They Are on Solid Food or Kibble


1mL CEN Oil per 2kg Bodyweight Daily




If your dog suffers from a dry or very dull coat, Omega 3 can help improve their coat’s texture, making for fuller, shinier hair. A dull coat is often a sign of other health problems like a weakened immune system. CEN Oil can ensure that the lipid barriers of a dog’s skin are sufficient. When the barriers are reduced, the dog’s natural coat oils get depleted, and your dog may run a higher risk of developing skin conditions, especially if they are scratching/itching excessively.


There is an importance of having the proper ratios of Omega 3 and Omega 6 consumed by your dog to reap the full health benefits. Research suggests that dogs that suffer from autoimmune, allergic, or inflammatory health conditions can benefit from increasing their dietary Omega 3 levels.


The anti-inflammatory properties of essential fatty acids (Omega 3) that aid your dog in fighting off skin irritants can also help your dog’s joints and range of mobility, especially in dogs that suffer from conditions like canine arthritis.



CEN Oil is the best oil choice for dogs due to its high Omega 3 levels. Most oils contain Omega 6 and 9 but low Omega 3 (coconut oil contains no Omega 3 and is mainly saturated fat).

Many oils are available on the market with an unnatural Omega profile, with higher levels of Omega 6 to Omega 3.

“Omega 3s block the formation of inflammatory molecules that are readily formed from Omega 6’s. Take a close look at the fat sources you are feeding to confirm that enough Omega 3’s are in the diet.”


The National Research Council recommends up to 440 mg/kg bodyweight of Omega 3 ALA can be safely fed daily to your dog. (5) Higher amounts of dietary Omega 3 ALA, as well as decreased Omega 6 LA, resulted in increased conversion of ALA to EPA, DPA and DHA. (1,2) Eicosanoids are hormone-like substances that affect inflammation. They are produced from both ALA (less inflammatory) and LA (mostly pro-inflammatory). CEN Oil can help to improve dietary Omega 3 to Omega 6 to a less inflammatory profile. Dog diets that are high in Omega 6 LA and low in Omega 3 ALA drive the eicosanoid production towards a more inflammatory profile.

Studies have demonstrated that when dogs were fed a diet containing linseed providing 10.1% of total fatty acids from ALA, the plasma levels of EPA and DPA increased quickly, further studies have found that DPA is the main ALA metabolite in cell membranes of many animals, and as such it may be an important reservoir for either EPA or DHA synthesis. (3,6) Dogs have been shown to be able to convert DPA to DHA in the retina and presumably other nervous system tissues. (4)

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All-natural, no chemicals and formulated from high-quality Stabilised Flaxseed Oil with Antioxidants.

It is essential to store CEN Oil below 30°C. If storing in feed sheds, remove to a cooler place on temperature days above 30°C. All feed products should be kept below 30°C to maintain freshness and quality.


CEN Oil Omega Profile
Omega 3 (ALA) (5416mg/ml) 60%
Omega 6 (LA) 17%
Omega 9 (OA) 16%


Yes. When they are on solid food or kibble.

Yes, CEN Oil can be stored in the fridge or room temperature depending on preference. The stability of the Omega 3 is enhanced in the fridge.

Keep out of direct sunlight and avoid temperatures above 30 degrees.

Once you work out the feeding rate for your dog (1mL per 2kg), start off at half the feed rate for the first 5 days for their system to get used to.

Too much too soon can cause softer faeces or diarrhoea.

Yes, same feed rate 1mL per 2kg bodyweight daily.

e.g 6kg bodyweight Cat = 3mL CEN Oil per day.

24 reviews for CEN DOG OIL

  1. Leisa

    I love the benefits and they love the taste.
    This simple addition has had such a huge impact, CEN Oil is life changing for my dogs.

    I have 3 double coated breeds means I spend alot of time grooming, since adding CEN oil all dogs have transformed out of sight!

    Helping to prevent reoccurring hotspots in 1 dog and improving the coat quality of all 3.
    Colour, texture and shedding changes are unbelievable, this is indeed a healthy coat hack. With the oil providing natural lubrication, grooming is now a bonding session rather then torture AND in half the time.

    Highly Recommended!

  2. Betty

    My hairless dog’s skin transformed since using CEN oil. Within a few weeks his skin is softer, clearer and requires less frequent moisturising.

  3. Murilo Pinamoura

    Amazing product. My Labrador was always itchy and after adding CEN oil to his diet it improved a lot. His coat is shiny and he looks very healthy.

  4. Rebekah James

    After my dog suffered an ACL, due to her being a large dog I turned to CEN oil to support her healing and ongoing recovery. Fantastic results without the weight gain. Took about one week to notice how much more active she was and how happy she was to walk on her leg!

  5. Christien Mansfield

    My golden retriever has been on CEN Oil for about a year. What a great product! She’s so healthy, happy and looking great. People are having a lot of skin problems and health issues with their dogs, I recommend CEN Oil to them every time. It’s an all natural Australian product that works so well. I’ll be using it for the duration of her life.

  6. Melissa Hudson

    Fantastic product. With 3 months of using Cen my 7 year old Maremma Mia has gone from showing signs of hip pain when getting up, running around and going up steps. Now that she is on the full dose of Cen Oil, Collogen, and Joint Support she is getting up easily, running around, jumping up onto the rockery while playing zoomies with her mates and going up stairs easily. All my dogs have benefited from Cen in various ways.

  7. Nicolle

    I have a French bulldog and so as everyone knows, that means skin problems. She would lick her feet non-stop, have skin flare ups and hive episodes and twice required after hours vet care for this. I started my dog on this product this year and she has never looked back!!! Her skin folds are nice and clear, not one skin flare up and no feet licking. Her coat also looks great and she gets a lot of comments when we are at dog shows competing.
    I wont be without this in my dogs diet now.

  8. Vivien (verified owner)

    Ever since using this for a few months now, my staffy’s hair and coat has dramatically improved, it is thicker and shinier. Her skin rashes are disappearing and she’s not scratching hardly ever now. Very easy to administer. She is happy to lick the oil off a plate

  9. Andie

    Where do I start! I have been giving my 7.5 year old Great Dane CEN oil for around 3 months now and the changes are incredible. First I noticed he was acting a lot more spritely, doing zoomies and being silly, where he would usually just sleep his days away. Then I noticed the improvement in his coat, it appears much healthier and shinier. The most recent discovery is he has been suffering with hyperkeratosis on all of his feet, I noticed that it has almost completely cleared up!! Nothing else in his diet or environment has changed so it HAS to be due to giving him CEN oil daily. This product is truly amazing!

  10. Jess (verified owner)

    Really impressed. My dog’s coat and skin have improved with the addition of CEN oil to her diet.

  11. Jaayde (verified owner)

    I have been using CEN oil for close to a year and the improvements in my 2 dogs has been amazing. One of my dogs has contact allergies which we controlled with a few veterinary medications. Since adding CEN to her already raw diet she has managed to come off all medications. She still has the occasional flare up but it goes as fast as it appears. Thank you cen for changing my dogs life. You have given her many more healthy years 💖

  12. Lyn Down (verified owner)

    Not sure how I found CEN Oil, may have been on a FBook,Maremma group post months ago, I just want to share to those who may be sceptical about getting it.
    Background; In 2015 we had to say good bye to our Pur baby (another breed) she was 15 years old and being a small dog she was always scratching from the grass which also gave her an odour. It was very upsetting to watch her no matter what tablets or creams we gave or shampoo we used.
    Zoom forward to this year, we now have a 9 month old 40kg ball of fun, love and fluff, Maremma, back in May I noticed that Benji was starting to scratch and his skin was getting pink/red , so while in the process of researching for something to help, CEN Oil came up on one of the Maremma sites, I looked into it, liked what I read and thought I’d give it a go. Well, Benji’s fur was in that transitional stage of going from fluffy puppy to coarse dry hair down his back bone. After just 5 days on the Oil, at recommended dose I was stunned to see and feel that same coarse hair was now changing back to soft and fluffy again, there is no more irritation to his skin and brushing him is so much easier. Everyone who pats him, he’s very social, comment’s on how soft and beautiful his fur is. So if anyone is sceptical, all I can say is buy a bottle and try it for your self, but health wise it’s one of the best decisions you can make for your boy or girl, oh did I mention how much easier it is to brush him, that hair just falls out, no tugging or discomfort for him, the brush just glides through.

  13. Dr Kym Allen (verified owner)

    We found CEN oil through one of our clients who had been using this product on her own dog that we had previously assessed & medicated 6 months earlier through our clinic. I was amazed at his skin health compared to the last time he’d been seen.

    We have been using CEN oil & Digestive + on our itchy patients at our Vet Clinic as a trial for the last 8 weeks and are seeing some really encouraging results.

    My own dog has suffered with contact allergies since she was a puppy, (she is now 3) and in the last 12 months she’s been trialled on Cytopint, Steroid & Apoquel, all of which reduce the clinical signs of her allergy but have long term side effects. Prior to starting on the CEN products she was being medicated and was in remission.

    It’s taken 8 weeks to see some results, my dog has currently been withdrawn from her maintenance Apoquel dose and I’m not seeing any excessive itching or hair loss where previously a day or so off Apoquel would have resulted in scratching and licking. Her skin is no longer dry & red, her hair is shiny, she looks healthy.

    Our clinic Greyhound was very itch due to her Inflammatory Bowel Disease and she has also transformed miraculously and no longer has IBD, she is also on Digestive + & Collagen.

    We are very excited about bringing CEN to our shelves

  14. Tania Brady (verified owner)

    Only downside… Coat Growth. But the quality of the coat regrowth is so much better. Makes grooming my show dog team so much easier, and with less grooming products.
    People ask me ‘what products do you use to make your coats so shiny” well CEN Oil was my dirty little secret. Now that ive decided to share my secret with my show dog friends, they too are just loving it. They are reporting back with not only healthier dogs, coats are glowing, and colours are stronger… and us dog show people are damm hard to please, and once we love something we do not change.

  15. Kayla (verified owner)

    We love CEN products! We have 3 Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and one of them seemed to always have a dry/course coat, looking nearly singed, even a vet had mentioned it.
    I feared he wasn’t absorbing nutrients as he should so I started him on the Digestive+ and the CEN oil (the other 2 were also placed on CEN oil) and within a week, his dry coat was sitting down and looking shiny as it should! The other two are glowing as well! Great stuff, highly impressed!
    Postage was SUPER fast as well!

  16. Brett (verified owner)

    Started new pup on CEN Oil and could see the difference within a few days. Shiny coat and colour has improved so much! Great product.

  17. Jessica (verified owner)

    Cant reccomend this product enough! My pup had itchy skin to the point of breaking the skin open from scratching. I was bathing once a week to help relieve the itch, I started him on CEN oil and the itching has stopped! I havent changed anything except for adding the oil to the diet. Extremely impressed and will continue using this right through his life.

  18. Honey Jeffs (verified owner)

    CEN oil helped my old dog’s back/arthritis issues. Thanks for the awesome product! We love it so much!!

  19. Naomi (verified owner)

    Found CEN oil by chance through the FrenchBulldog pages. Bought to try on my French Bulldog pup and will keep using. Has helped with the coat that was dry and rough to touch. Now shiny and soft. She has stopped the paw/pad biting/chewing also. Also tried on my friends Staffy with allergies (hives) that required allergy injections. No more injections or swelling. Highly recommend

  20. Emmi (verified owner)

    I have 4 dogs on this product, it’s absolutely amazing.
    They love it so it’s great for fussy eaters, and my dogs costs have never been healthier and so shiny!!

  21. Tayla

    This is the only product ever, including all medications and other oil/ skin brands that has stopped my French bulldogs skin irritations.
    We purchased this product and noticed a massive improvement straight away but saw the horrible effects of his skin conditions come back almost immediately when we RAN OUT of CEN Oil – never re purchased something so quickly!

    Two days in and he has stopped all itchiness and his redness has gone away. On the first purchase we noticed his fur had also become a lot softer and vibrant!

    Will be re purchasing for the rest of his life!

  22. Stephanie Wood (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE this product. Have a frenchie that was just itching all the time. Nothing was working until I read a review and thought it won’t hurt to try it and BOOM problem gone. 5 mls every day is all that has changed. Highly recommend to give it a try.

  23. Karla Haddrick (verified owner)

    Ever since Isla was a puppy she has experienced allergies all year round.Just after two weeks of adding CEN Oil to my golden retrievers raw diet, the chewing at her paws has completely stopped.

    I now have a healthy and happy dog because of this product. I can’t wait to see more results over time.

  24. Gabrielle Saffery (verified owner)

    Great product!! My dogs have shiny coats & their gut health has improved.. not so gassy.. Would definitely recommend this product for any dog …

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