CEN Lupin Pellet


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$39.95 – $44.95 per 20kg

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Australian Lupins, Lupin Kernels and Lupin Hulls

Nutritional Analysis Lupins

1 review for LUPIN PELLET – HIGH FIBRE (Available Soon)

  1. Leisa

    We had the privilege to trial this new lupin pellet and the results have been amazing! It balances our nutrient profile of the diet even further and the horses are thriving!

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The CEN LUPIN PELLET can be fed for additional healthy calories alongside CEN GRAIN FREE COMPLETE.
If your horse requires additional calories, the CEN LUPIN PELLET is a non-heating source of energy and amounts can be adjusted according to your horse’s needs.
The CEN LUPIN PELLET has a balanced trace mineral profile but should be fed alongside a vitamin and mineral pellet like CEN GRAIN FREE COMPLETE or CEN CF50.

Yes, CEN LUPIN PELLET can be fed soaked. It can also be fed dry or damp depending on the individual horse’s preference.

There is a suggested feeding guide, but our Free Diet Analysis is the best way. This is because all horses should be treated as individuals due to many factors including other nutrients in the diet, genetics and environment.

Yes, it is safe with an NSC % of less than 5%.

Yes, it is safe being very low in sugar and starch, and promotes a healthy digestive environment.

Yes, if your horse requires further digestive support, a probiotic/digestive supplement can be fed on top. CEN XtraBalance is an excellent addition for horses prone to digestive upsets from stress or increased workload.