Suggested Performance & Endurance Horse Ration is based on 500kg horse (Daily/Per Horse).

Consultations and recommendations are based on the information provided by the client. By adhering to and implementing the advice offered, you agree that employees and contractors of CEN Nutrition are not responsible for any ill-effects caused as a result.


Performance Horse Training Goal:

Light Exercise:

  • Heart rate 50 – 100 beats/minute.
  • 1-3 hours per week: 20% walk, 40% trot, 40% canter.
  • Beginning training.

Moderate Exercise:

  • Heart rate 100 – 150 beats/minute.
  • 3-5 hours per week: 20% walk, 30% trot, 45% canter, 5% other skill work.
  • Includes beginning training.

Heavy Exercise:

  • Heart rate 150 – 210 beats/minute.
  • 4-5 hours per week: 20% walk, 20% trot, 45% canter, 15% gallop, other skill work.
  • Includes race training.
Performance horses Suggested Diet Ration CEN Nutrition


Endurance Horse Training Goal:

Five full months to train. Training is composed of:

  • 5-6 days/week 1 hour per day of riding,
  • Three days of arena/dressage work, 
  • Three days of long slow distance trail riding at a walk, including hill work.

Below is what the final diet will look like for the entire day on racing day and during more intense training (4 to 5 hours) (divided into two meals, AM and PM).

Suggested Diet Ration for Endurancehorses CEN Nutrition