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CEN GRAIN-FREE COMPLETE  FEED provides your horse with the daily nutrient support required for optimal health and performance! It’s developed for all horse disciplines from pleasure to elite equine athletes and made by 100% RAW Australian ingredients.

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Maintaining Condition, Assist in Weight Gain

Feed quality over quantity, with up to 90% hindgut fermentation. An excellent alternative to beet pulp, stabilised rice bran and soybean hulls. Quality source of amino acids provides the building blocks for growth. Considered a super fibre for its low sugar, low starch and high fermentable fibre profile for cool energy and natural B vitamin production.


The fibre-based grain-free pellet maintains a healthy gut microbiome and the live probiotics and prebiotics promote the growth of beneficial good bacteria. The live probiotics stabilise the pH and reduce lactic acid in the hindgut. The result is a stimulated activity and growth of beneficial good bacteria for more efficient feed conversion. Improvements in appetite, behaviour and manure quality are all associated with a healthy gut environment.


Immune System Heath


Key chelated minerals required for a proper functioning immune system. Prebiotics inhibit harmful bacteria whilst stimulating the immune system function. The prebiotics blocks the attachment and development of harmful bacteria within the gut. This has a positive effect on the horse’s natural immune system, reducing the risk of disease through a stronger immune response.

Hoof Health


Specifically balanced vitamin and mineral profile including chelated zinc, methionine & biotin also by creating a healthier gut microbiome, biotin is produced naturally by the horse in the hind-gut and utilised to help maintain hoof health.

Skin & Coat Health


Zinc is more important for dark colours, while copper is more important for chestnuts. It is crucial that zinc and copper are at correct ratios in the diet, regardless of the colour of the horse. Australian pasture, hay and feed crops are commonly low in zinc and copper while being naturally high in iron (Complete Grain-Free has no added iron). This has a great impact on a horse’s dietary intake as all three compete for absorption. Too much of one means less of the others are absorbed. Complete Grain-Free contains Chelated Zinc and Chelated Copper which are more readily absorbed by horses.

Bone & Muscle Health


Calcium and phosphorus are the main minerals found in bones. The ratio should be up to 3:1 Ca:P for the overall diet. Magnesium is required for the collagen matrix and bone mineralisation. Zinc, Copper and Boron for bone development. Zinc in particular for bone and cartilage formation. The key vitamins are Vitamin D for bone mineralisation and calcium and phosphorus absorption. Vitamin A for osteoclast function, bone-resorbing cells in bone remodelling. Vitamin C in collagen synthesis and repair. Vitamin K in bone and cartilage metabolism.

all in one feed for:

  • Weight Gain/Maintenance
  • Cool Energy Source
  • Digestive Health
  • Ulcer & Laminitis Safe
  • Skin & Coat Condition
  • Immune System Health
  • Grain Intolerance
  • Tying – Up
  • Obesity
  • Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)
  • IR, Cushings & PSSM
  • Stallions, Mares & Foals


Peter and Bryan from CEN discuss the details of the CEN Grain Free Complete Feed. Listen to this podcast to find out more about the impressive health benefits this feed provides.


Lupin Hulls, Lupins, CEN Formulated Vitamin & Mineral Premix, Zinc (Chelated), Copper (Chelated) Maganese (Chelated), Antioxidants: Natural Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Live Probiotics and Prebiotics

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Nutritional Analysis


Yes, CEN Complete Grain-Free can be fed soaked. It can also be fed dry or damp depending on the individual horse’s preference.

There is a suggested feeding guide, but our Free Diet Analysis is the best way. This is because all horses should be treated as individuals due to many factors including other nutrients in the diet, genetics and environment.

Yes, it is safe with an NSC % of less than 5%.

Yes, it is safe being very low in sugar and starch, and promotes a healthy digestive environment.

Yes, the CEN Complete Grain-Free includes a daily maintenance support of live probiotics but if your horse requires further support, a probiotic/digestive supplement can be fed on top. CEN XtraBalance is an excellent addition for horses prone to digestive upsets from stress or increased workload.

Yes, CEN CF50 is a concentrated vitamin and mineral supplement with a lower feed rate.

Feed Rate



  1. Bella

    I’ve been feeding the CEN Grain Free to my horse and pony for about 6 weeks now, and I couldn’t be happier with how they’re doing on it! My horse is calm, maintaining condition (unrugged – in Tasmania!) and looking fantastic. My pony struggled last winter, he had a heavy rug, was on a balancer, complete pellet, weight supplement, and digestive supplement (his feeds were way bigger than I felt a pony should ever need), he was still losing condition, he was scouring regularly, and had skin and coat issues… this year he is unrugged like my horse, on a small feed recommended by Bryan and he’s doing wonderfully! He’s maintained good condition, has had no scouring and is overall a happier pony – which has made a happier me! I am so glad I swapped to the CEN diet!

  2. Louise

    After my multiple supreme winning Riding Pony stallion came home from shows earlier this year a hot, agitated mess and refusing to eat I contacted Bryan and after much discussion I made the decision to put him on CEN Grain Free pellets and a fully grain free diet to compliment and we haven’t looked back, he is now a completely different horse, calm, sane and listening to training, I feel that the grain free diet is working wonders and the best part is he LOVES his pellets, I’ve never seen him so enthusiastic about food as he has always been a fussy eater and often leaving a lot in the bin the next morning, he now licks the bin clean every night!

    I now have all my horses including my stud broodmares, 3yo and weanlings on grain free pellets and they are all thriving, it has simplified my feeding so much and I love knowing my horses nutritional needs are met with feeding this feed and a complete grain free diet keeps their tummies happy and their heads cool!

  3. Lisa

    The best results out of a single feed. I have 9 horses on this feed and all of them are doing great on it. I was feeding multiple different feeds as well as different vitamins and minerals. This feed has it all and at a balanced rate. Super efficient and cost effective feed. Well worth the money.

  4. Brooklyn

    I have had all of my horses on the CEN products for about 3 months now.
    I have two elderly horses who were severely underweight. I was feeding a competitor feed and because I was having to feed upwards of 3kg a day, it was costing me so much money.
    Now they are on the CEN Grain Free and the CEN Oil and it works out so much cheaper, they have put on so much weight and are shiny!
    I also have a young horse on CEN CF50 and CEN Oil and he looks amazing too.
    Love these products

  5. Rachel Elliott

    Big fan of CEN Grain Free! My horse loves it, and it is easy to mix other supplements in when wet.

  6. Bianca Brits

    My 13 year quarter horse was struggling with a bit off diarrhoea. I try every thing. He doesn’t always get it but when he does is not very nice. So I decided I going to try grain free. I could see the results from the second day, no diarrhoea comming out and he was look much better. Thanks you CEN for your amazing product 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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