Improving Pet Wellness

CEN Nutrition is 100% Australian owned and based on the simple principle of “Nature Knows Best”.

Our mission is to develop market leading animal products on the latest scientific research that bridge the gap between nutrition and pharmaceuticals.

We are committed to improving pet wellness in order for them to live longer, happier and healthier lives through proper nutrition and care.

Improving Pet Wellness


Natural Equine supplements developed according to a thorough understanding of physiology, function and what best complements a horses’ body system.


Natural, non-medicated supplements developed to support the Joint & Skin Health alongside with the Immune System Health of your dog.


Our horses have been on CEN for over 4 years starting with pellets and oil and adding each product as developed. They are healthy inside and out. Our dogs have also been on CEN oil for 4 years they are now 13 years but act like 5 year olds. Our veterinarians who care for our animals remark regularly on their amazing condition. CEN is great value and the team behind CEN are knowledgeable and go above to ensure your animals get the most out of their products.read more
Lavita eBella
23:11 19 Apr 19
Great products! Can use them on old and young horses and you won’t be disappointed with the results. Heaps with a shiny and healthy coat, helps with conditioning and in non heating. You won’t be disappointed!
Neessa Mueller
23:37 19 Apr 19
Love CEN products. Have really helped my horses coats stay gorgeous, even while in this horrible drought. Customer service is great as well. Highly recommend the company and their products!
Jessica McGill
14:50 23 Apr 19
All their products are amazing for horses and dogs. Their oil helps dogs with inflamed joints. Also helps horses with skin issues like QLD itch. All their products are researched to have maximal output for the performance horse that are on their feeds.read more
Jacqs T
23:49 19 Apr 19
I’ve had my 22yr TB on CEN Oil for about 2 months. Within that time, I’ve had people ask her age and when I tell them, they did not believe me! Her Coat is literally glowing to the point where it’s taken 10 years off her age! Would recommend it to anyone!!read more
Angela Mcintyre
23:27 19 Apr 19
It’s hard to find a company that not only produces high quality products that make your horse look incredible but actually enhance the health of your horse as well. It is such a relief knowing that by feeding CEN products my horse is receiving the absolute best feed on the market! A question is also never too much for the amazing team at CEN, they are always willing to help!read more
Ella Ponsi
10:12 19 Jan 19
Absolutely love CEN! Both my QHs are on all Cen products. The ulcer guard has helped my dressage horse immensely! We saw amazing results within just 3 days ???? they’re shining and just look a million bucks! They’re overall health is just the best I have ever seen. Very very impressed ❤️read more
Tylia Hill
22:50 16 Nov 19
Words can't describe how muvm I love this product.I have breeding stock to age horse.All on it mares with foals at foot looking great afters there foals are born even foals look great.My stallion shine on him people always ask how I say cen products the best.Than my 26yo Appy on all your prouducp he looking amazing people can't believe how good he looks.Thankyou cen prouduc been amazing.read more
Elizabeth Bennett
22:56 16 Nov 19
Love Cen products. They have both my OTT and QH looking and feeling amazing. #supershiny # superhealthy # Cenforlife.
Tiana Semple
23:06 16 Nov 19
Absolutely love all the CEN products! My horses and dogs get the CEN oil and have seen a difference in them all from it, have used Super beet to successfully put weight on horses that have been light on. Used Xtra balance on a horse that was on strong antibiotics for an extended period of time and it kept her healthy the whole time! Always pick the CEN products over any other.read more
Ashleigh Noe
23:29 16 Nov 19
I absolutely love CEN oil! Dixie is 22 and I started adding it to her feed 6 months ago for the anti-inflammatory benefits of omega 3 found in flaxseed. She’s my riding horse so I want her to feel her best. CEN oil has her holding her condition better, she’s moving smoothly and feels great, she’s gone from a dull chestnut to a glowing liver chestnut, she’s looking younger every day!read more
Jodi Bussell
23:35 16 Nov 19
So thankful to my horses chiropractor who recommended CEN to me. I have seen a dramatic change in my horses coat and condition using the oil. I now feed the Cen oil to all my horses.
Bella Wozniak
23:54 16 Nov 19
Have used for a few years on my 19 year old Arab had him since he was 2 and he looks better at 19 than he has ever before he is glowing, I used it on a skinny horse brought with a dull coat with I. A week he looked like a different horse, highly recommended best stuff on the marketread more
Hayley Obersky
23:51 16 Nov 19
My horse thrives on CF50 and Superbeet, his shine is second to none even in the drought and he holds his weight well now. CEN keeps him calm too. My pups are on CEN oil and their coat is just beautiful, their skin is healthy and it helps with their joints too.read more
Sylvia Hoefnagels
02:18 17 Nov 19
Easier than 123 ABC ????????????????????Wow I truly was amazed at the amazing difference in my horses coats all just by adding CEN Oil! CEN oil far exceeded my expectations!Not only did my guys look amazing but they certainly appeared to be feeling more amazing than ever before! (Definitely NOT hot! Just simply feelin good- especially the 25year old persiron, hes acting like a young spring chicken now he’s on CEN ! ????????????????????)read more
Steph Erbacher
10:12 17 Nov 19
Fantastic product for our horse, but also our performance working dogs. Benefits are: added energy, weight retention, and coat condition++. Highly recommend this product.
Zahra Goldsmith
06:10 19 Nov 19
Amazing feeds, especially love the oil and the gamma formula. My horses are thriving on the whole system. The scientists behind the feed are happy to discuss how to make the feed work for what you do with your horses. I no longer treat medically for ulcers, because they are so healthy. And for racing horses, that’s a massive statement!read more
Somerstone Racing
08:23 03 Jan 20
Cen products have improved our Showing and Racing teams performance and overall health. Their shine is absolutely amazing, all the horses clean up their feeds, and recover from hard work extremely well. The products are super easy to use and economical over a large team. Couldn’t recommend them enough!! ⭐️read more
Tenny Shep
20:49 04 Jan 20
I have recently started using CEN CF50 and already I have noticed my horse’s coat health improve (super shiny) and he never wastes a single pellet. Also, their customer service is amazing! They were happy to answer any questions I had and shipping was fast. Finally, I wanted to say a special thank you to Bryan for his invaluable knowledge and advice. I will not be using any other product other than CEN from now on 5/5 stars ????read more
Kait Bowes
21:20 05 Jan 20
When the fires came through my horses had to stop using CEN oil as we had lost it all. I noticed a difference in them straight away so I made the decision to find a way to get them back onto it and my god am I glad I did!!!!! Almost instantaneously they got their coats back, they weight started to pick up again and they just generally looked 100% on when they weren’t having it! It was very clear then how much the product worked and the difference it was making. Thanks again for the great range guys!read more
Danielle Butcher
16:41 13 Jan 20
Excellent products and customer service! My 5yr old tb looks amazing and feels great under saddle since starting CEN products. When recently re scoped he went from grade 4 ulcers using a different product and since changing to CEN he now has no ulcers and I was told his stomach lining looks really healthy.read more
Nicole Prior
23:46 14 Jan 20
We at Anstead Acres have found CEN products support our team of horses exceptionally well. We have performance horses, young horses as well as school horses that have varying needs. CEN meets the requirements for all of our horses and we are so happy with the ongoing results; we have never had a horse get 'hot' on CEN products. We highly recommend CEN products and their customer support is second to none!read more
Pam Andrew
04:26 21 Jan 20
I cannot be more grateful for CEN and what they have done for my horses! The products are absolutely amazing and have completely turned my horses around. I now have super shiny, fat, healthy horses! Who could ask for more. The staff also go above and beyond to help their clients and that really says something about a business. The service is always fast and professional, which is also another reason I love CEN so much! Would 200% recommend CEN products to anyone and everyone who has horses, or who may be struggling with their horses weight! CEN saved my horses, and I’m so grateful for that! 💕read more
Amy Cullen
21:32 25 Jan 20
I cannot thank the amazing team at CEN enough, for all their help and advice with getting all my horses both show and pets into premium health.CEN products have been a total game changer for my stud, from not having to use shine sprays at shows, due to them now naturally gleaming and believe me everyone asks how they are so shiny! to my horses who have had immune, EMS, skin, ulcers/stress and iron toxicity issues are now doing the best they have in such a long time.I cannot recommend using CEN products enough they truly make such an amazing difference.Well worth giving them CEN products try!read more
Zoe Arvidson
13:01 02 Feb 20
Great products for horses & dogs, great customer service. Peter called me straight back when I had a simple question and answered it with so much information I am better informed about the products and my horse's immune system. This is what it's all about, not just a great product but gold star backup customer service. thank you for your professionalism and time.read more
Ana Car
01:31 04 Mar 20
We have seen some positive changes in our horse since putting her on Cen Oil, Xtra Balance and now CF50. Highly recommend these products.
Christine Grindrod
03:21 18 Mar 20
Absolutely love CEN products! The oil, GOLD and CF50 pellet has made all the difference to my 2 TBs. They're shiny, healthier, less stiff and people can't believe the old boy is almost 21(pics attached taken only a month or 2 ago)! You won't regret trying any of the products 👍👍read more
Rom Bom
21:14 15 Apr 20
Thank you so much to Peter and Karly for your help with my dressage horses diet. A picture speaks a thousand words and this one definitely says it all! We have used CEN oil for quite some time but have now also converted to using CF50 and Electrolytes. He seems so much more settled and less spooky even with all the grass we’re lucky enough to have. Really appreciate how helpful and approachable the whole team at CEN has been in helping me provide my horse with the optimum nutrients he requires to look and feel his best 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟read more
Danielle Webster
08:48 31 Mar 20
I noticed a huge positive change in my dog's coat since I started using CEN oil! His coat is much softer now and he doesn't shed as much. I would strongly reccomend CEN oils to all dog owners!
Karina Appleby
06:00 21 Apr 20
The CEN Team are amazing. Their range of products include CEN Oil for horses and dogs. Ulcer protect and CF50 pellets for horses to name a few. The more people i talk to about the results they have experienced after using their products the more i begin to understand just how good these products are. They have such a wealth of information and are only to willing to assist you with any enquiry. If you have any questions about any of their products then call the CEN team.Their customer service is matched by the quality of their products.read more
Tim James
05:42 31 Mar 20
Our 16 year old pony had some pretty bad luck and through a seemingly minor injury quickly presented with a bone infection. I was really worried about home and so was the vet. At best he would need 2-3 months in the stable. At worst he would need to be put down. As part of his wound management program I gave him 100 ml of CEN Oil per day in his feed. I believe this helped to manage the inflammation process. He was unsuitable for surgery and received antibiotic infusions. Instead of being on stable rest for 2 months, our boy was allowed out within 3 weeks. Even the vet was amazed. He did so well! All of our horses are given CEN Oil every day. I seriously believe that because our pony had been on CEN Oil before the injury that his immune system was stronger and better able to deal with the inflammation.read more
sharon jacob
01:50 06 May 20
Great products for horses & dogs, great customer service. Peter called me straight back when I had a simple question and answered it with so much information I am better informed about the products and my horse's immune system. This is what it's all about, not just a great product but gold star backup customer service. thank you for your professionalism and time.read more
Ana Car
01:31 04 Mar 20
i have had my 4 horses and 2 dogs on multiple CEN products - oil, cf50, xtrabalance, ulcer protect, complete electrolyte and gold (as well as superbeet when it was available). i have never been let down. my dog's breath stopped smelling, my other dog was less sore and much more happy and energetic. their coats were silky soft and no longer dull. my horse's coats SHINE. my mare's itch went away, my other mare was much happier and more comfortable in her work, and they were all much more relaxed and overall more content. couldn't recommend their products enough - particularly the oil and cf50 which i absolutely worship. the photo i've attached is of my 9yo ottb mare avanti whom i had extreme difficulties maintaining weight on. she is on cen oil, cf50, electrolytes and ulcer protect. i recommend these products to anyone and everyone who is looking to make their animals' lives better. thank you, cen.read more
Ivy Millichamp
01:40 19 May 20
We at Stokers Ridge Ranch absolutely love the CEN products. We have babies through to aged horses in our personal herd and offer the CEN range to our agistment part time and full time horses. The service is fantastic, the knowledge and dedication to horse health is amazing.read more
Tye Linkins
07:42 30 May 20
A friend gave me some of her CEN oil for my senior dog a few weeks ago. He's an English Cocker Spaniel but he's a pediatric neuter and been shaved for the better part of 10 years. Groomers told me his coat was permanently ruined and any hope of growing it out was gone. Now 6 months later they're telling me he could almost have a full show coat.It's about 60% grown out and after adding CEN oil to his food it looks AMAZING. So shiny and rich in colour. So happy with the results. Pending testing to see if it has helped his heart disease too, he certainly seems perkier.CEN's customer service has been astounding from ingredient enquiries to helping with storage. They reply quickly and are super helpful. Highly recommend to anyone.read more
Spanner & Clyde
02:52 16 Sep 20
We had tried so many products and supplements for our 10 yr old bulldog who was really showing signs of slowing down and discomfort. We were just about to start her on injections from the vet when I spoke to Bryan at CEN after seeing an ad. So glad I did. Bryan recommend the CEN Active for our girl and the difference it has made is just incredible. She is like a puppy again, bouncing around, chasing the other dogs and generally so much brighter and happier. She's even jumping on the bed again, something she hasn't been able to do fo awhile. We have also noticed her skin and coat are healthier too. Can't recommend this product enough, worth every cent to see our baby girl so bright, happy and healthy. Thank you so much CENread more
Tash K
09:37 30 Aug 20
Absolutely love cen products! I have been using the oil and have seen a massive difference on my old horse. Just started the cf50 and the gold so super keen to see how they go. Also their podcast are super informative and the customer service is great! Could not recommend enough😊read more
Alana Scheef
09:51 07 Oct 20
These guys are so awesome and Peter has been so helpful transitioning all my horses onto the CEN Complete feed and CEN Oil.I cannot believe how much simpler our feeding routine is now as well as saving huge dollars.All the ponies love the feed and they are looking so much healthier not they are getting 1 complete feed balanced correctly with all the vitamins and minerals.I can' thank you guys enough.Paul D.Team Dark Horse 🙂read more
Sharon Hall
05:34 25 Sep 20
Having very little to no knowledge of horses we have relied on advice from many others regarding our horses diet and nutrition.We had our 4yo mare on a “cheap” diet and then needed to add expensive supplements to counteract the resulting gut and behavioural issues.When I’m allowing my 11yo to ride a 500kg young horse with a mind of its own I need to know that our horse is sound, safe and calm.I knew there was a problem and after reading some great reviews and referrals from friends we spoke to the guys at CEN who were very generous with there time, knowledge and very patient with my millions of questions!!After gaining a thorough understanding of our situation, we have overhauled our feed regime and in less than 2 weeks have already seen a massive improvement. Her new CEN diet is Simple, affordable, sustainable and most importantly balanced.My 11yo has also gained a greater understanding of equine health and diet which compliments her developing horsemanship!!read more
05:24 13 Jul 20
We have a gelding with chronic gut issues, and after trying a myriad of treatments without success, we found CEN Ulcer Protect and gave it a go. We are extremely happy with how well he is doing on it - his gut issues have improved markedly and he's now a happier horse all round. Great product, great company to buy from. Five stars from us!read more
Damian Foale
20:15 19 Mar 21
CEN has been my go-to horse supplement provider for a few years now. The products keep my horse kids happy and healthy, and Bryan is extremely knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to help with nutritional analysis. CEN are super efficient with shipping too, so the products are delivered at express speeds. Give them a go, you won’t be disappointed!read more
Kassey Dougal
01:10 19 Mar 21
I decided to try CEN Oil after seeing and hearing positive feedback from others, and I could not be happier with the results! CEN Oil has helped my horse to gain weight and has absolutely transformed his coat. Loving the CEN shine!
Alexandra Rogers
06:41 23 Mar 21
So happy I found these products as they are worth every cent! Our 4yo Border Collie suddenly woke up one day unable to stand up which was pretty scary and after the vet advising he had inflamed hips I got him onto the CEN Active & CEN oil. Since then he has never looked so good and I can see the difference in the way he moves. Vet is impressed with his recovery and general health so I know these CEN products work and will keep him on them for life!read more
Melissa Patton
22:36 14 Feb 21
Absolutely the best company to deal with in every aspect, no question is too silly and always answered promptly, the products speak for themselves and do exactly what they say they will do, some fantastic research has gone into the CEN range and I applaud the guys for making and sharing these with horse owners, I only wish they were around when my old gelding was still with me as he would have benefited highly in his senior years, I'm always trying new products from this company with great anticipation to help my horse's health and improve their nutrition, highly highly recommend this company 100%Keep up the good work guysread more
Lou Hannah
12:15 19 Mar 21
CEN Oil has improved my thoroughbred’s coat, and has helped him put on weight. In the three months I’ve been feeding it I have noticed great results. Highly recommend.
04:02 19 Mar 21