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Fats in dog's diet

In This Article:
Why is it needed to add fat to the dog’s diet?
Is there any concern about a high-fat diet for dogs?

Being a responsible dog parent, you have to take care of your dog’s needs, and you have to take them out for a walk and give them good food. When feeding, most people plan their own likings onto their dogs and feed them high carb kibble or vegan food. But that’s not the optimal diet for dogs, and they won’t thrive well on it. The primary fuel that dogs need in their diet is not carbohydrates or grains, but fats.

Here in this article, we will discuss why it is necessary to provide fat in the dog’s diet and the benefits of giving fat to dogs.


Fats are generally defined as a concentrated form of energy that can provide more than twice the energy of protein and carbohydrates. The fats in dog food are highly digestible and are the main nutrients used for energy before carbohydrates and protein.

According to one study, “fats are a highly digestible form of energy for canines, and nearly 90-95 percent of the fat dogs get in their diet are metabolised.”

Fats are also necessary to perform many vital functions in the body. Fats are not only used as an energy source, but they are also used for the function and development of nerves, body cells, body tissues, and muscles.

Fats are also the primary component that plays an essential role in prostaglandin production, a substance similar to a hormone. Prostaglandins help reduce inflammation and also help perform many vital jobs in the body.

Another benefit of fat is that they are why food smells good and tastes good to your pup. They also provide structure to food and assist the body use specific vitamins (A, D, E, and K) also called fat-soluble vitamins.


The high-fat diet is not a problem for dogs because they do not suffer from cholesterol problems like humans, and they also do not get the diseases that humans get from eating a high-fat diet.

However, if the fat levels are too low in the dog’s diet, they will suffer from problems such as itchy skin, dry and dull coats. In addition, dogs will also have other issues such as weakened immune systems, diabetes, and heart disease.

Another concept that needs to be clarified is that dogs do not get fat by eating fat but instead eating carbohydrates. Dogs that eat commercial kibble get a lot of carbohydrates, and their body cannot use fat for fuel.

Dogs that eat a diet rich in carbohydrates will use sugar for fuel, if this sugar is unused as the fuel source, it increases the risk of problems such as diabetes, cancer, and obesity.


CEN Oil For Dogs

CEN Oil For Dogs

If provided in the right amount, fats act as fuel for dogs because the dog’s body’s ability to utilise fat is twice that of humans. A healthy fat source for dogs is CEN Oil. It is high in Omega 3 and can be added to either kibble or raw diets to boost the fat profile of the diet.


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