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CEN Oil For Dogs

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✅ The perfect natural Omega profile to help improve many body systems and overall quality of life!
✅ 100% NATURAL, No Chemicals, No Mercury or Heavy Metals.
✅ Highly palatable without the odour of fish oil.
✅ The Omega profile is superior to all other vegetable oils.

🔹 Omega 3 promotes healthy immune, skin and coat health.
🔹 The Omega profile of CEN Oil helps in the reduction of inflammation in your dog from normal activity, this may lead to less irritation particularly in skin conditions and a better quality of life.
🔹 May promote increased mobility in dogs suffering joint problems.
🔹 CEN Oil is also a cool source of energy which helps support calm behaviour.

The perfect addition to all canine diets!




CEN Oil provides high levels of Omega 3 which are highly beneficial for all dogs.
It is highly palatable & digestible with a low daily feed rate, making it a cost effective addition to the diet.
CEN Oil also provides a cool source of calories that helps support calm behaviour.


  1. Skin & Coat Health: If your dog suffers from a dry or very dull coat, Omega 3 can help to improve the texture of their coat, making for fuller, shinier hair. A dull coat is often a sign of other health problems like a weakened immune system. CEN Oil can ensure that lipid barriers of a dog’s skin are sufficient. When the barriers are reduced, the dog’s natural coat oils get depleted, your dog may run a higher risk of developing skin conditions, especially if they are scratching/itching excessively.
  2. Immune System Health: There is an importance of having the proper ratios of Omega 3 and Omega 6 consumed by your dog  in order to reap the full health benefits. Research suggests that dogs that suffer from autoimmune, allergic, or inflammatory health conditions can benefit from increasing their dietary Omega 3 levels.
  3. Joint Health: The anti-inflammatory properties of essential fatty acids (Omega 3) that aid your dog fighting off skin irritants, can also help your dog’s joints and range of mobility, especially in dog’s that suffer from conditions like canine arthritis.
CEN Oil Omega Profile:
  • 55% Omega – 3 (ALA) (492mg/mL)
  • 17% Omega – 6 (LA)
  • 16% Omega – 9 (OA)

Recommended Feed Rate: 1mL CEN Oil per 2kg Bodyweight Daily. (e.g 20kg dog feed approx. 10mL per day)

The National Research Council recommends up to 440mg / kg bodyweight of Omega 3 ALA can be safely fed daily to your dog. (5)

Higher amounts of dietary Omega 3 ALA, as well as decreased Omega 6 LA, resulted in increased conversion of ALA to EPA, DPA and DHA. (1,2)
Eicosanoids are hormone-like substances that affect inflammation. They are produced from both ALA (less inflammatory) and LA (mostly pro-inflammatory). CEN Oil can help to improve dietary Omega 3 to Omega 6 to a less inflammatory profile. Dog diets that are high in Omega 6 LA and low in Omega 3 ALA drive the eicosanoid production towards a more inflammatory profile.

Studies have demonstrated that when dogs were fed a diet containing linseed providing 10.1% of total fatty acids from ALA, the plasma levels of EPA and DPA increased quickly, further studies have found that DPA is the main ALA metabolite in cell membranes of many animals, and as such it may be an important reservoir for either EPA or DHA synthesis. (3,6) Dogs have been shown to be able to convert DPA to DHA in the retina and presumably other nervous system tissues. (4)

“Marcus” is a 12yo staffy cross ridgeback who
originally suffered from a yeast infection on his feet
which spread onto other parts of his body.
He lost his appetite and 6kg in body weight.
After approx. 3 months adding CEN Oil daily to his
raw feed diet, all the yeast literally disappeared within
a few weeks, his coat changed colour and the odour
coming from his skin is non existent.
We have noticed his energy levels have
increased and his weight is back at a healthy level.”
~ P & E Zamojski

“CEN Oil puppy, I have
been giving her a couple
of very small drops with
her kibble everyday.
Her coat is much softer!
(more then
usual for a puppy)
Miss Narla will be
on CEN for her whole
life!” ~ J.Chapman.


1. Brenna JT, et al. Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids 2009;80:85-91.

2. Goyens PL, et al. Am J Clin Nutr 2006;84:44-53.
3. Dunbar BL, et al. Lipids 2010;45:1-10.
4. Alvarez RA, et al. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 1994;35:402-408.

5. National Research Council. Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats. Washington, D.C.: The National Academies Press, 2006.

6. Bauer JE, et al. J Nutr 1998;128:2641s-2644s.


Stabilised Linseed Oil With Antioxidants

100% Natural, No Chemicals, No Animal Products.

Sizes & Packaging

500mL & 2L

Feed Rate & Direction

  • Recommended amount: Feed approx. 1mL per 2kg Bodyweight Daily
Volume Australian Spoon Measurements:
2.5mL 1/2 Teaspoon
5mL 1 Teaspoon
10mL 1/2 Tablespoon
20mL 1 Tablespoon
30mL 1 1/2 Tablespoon
Room temperature storage is sufficent for up to 3 months on opening.
Can be stored in the fridge for freshness.
It is essential to store  below 30°C.
If storing in feed sheds, remove to a cooler place on temperature days above 30°C.


Lavita eBella
Lavita eBella
23:11 19 Apr 19
Our horses have been on CEN for over 4 years starting with pellets and oil and adding each product as developed. They are healthy inside and out. Our dogs have also been on CEN oil for 4 years they are now 13 years but act like 5 year olds. Our veterinarians who care for our animals remark regularly on their amazing condition. CEN is great value and the team behind CEN are knowledgeable and go above to ensure your animals get the most out of their products.
Neessa Mueller
Neessa Mueller
23:37 19 Apr 19
Great products! Can use them on old and young horses and you won’t be disappointed with the results. Heaps with a shiny and healthy coat, helps with conditioning and in non heating. You won’t be disappointed!
Jessica McGill
Jessica McGill
14:50 23 Apr 19
Love CEN products. Have really helped my horses coats stay gorgeous, even while in this horrible drought. Customer service is great as well. Highly recommend the company and their products!
Jacqs T
Jacqs T
23:49 19 Apr 19
All their products are amazing for horses and dogs. Their oil helps dogs with inflamed joints. Also helps horses with skin issues like QLD itch. All their products are researched to have maximal output for the performance horse that are on their feeds.
Angela Mcintyre
Angela Mcintyre
23:27 19 Apr 19
I’ve had my 22yr TB on CEN Oil for about 2 months. Within that time, I’ve had people ask her age and when I tell them, they did not believe me! Her Coat is literally glowing to the point where it’s taken 10 years off her age! Would recommend it to anyone!!
Ella Ponsi
Ella Ponsi
10:12 19 Jan 19
It’s hard to find a company that not only produces high quality products that make your horse look incredible but actually enhance the health of your horse as well. It is such a relief knowing that by feeding CEN products my horse is receiving the absolute best feed on the market! A question is also never too much for the amazing team at CEN, they are always willing to help!
Tylia Hill
Tylia Hill
22:50 16 Nov 19
Absolutely love CEN! Both my QHs are on all Cen products. The ulcer guard has helped my dressage horse immensely! We saw amazing results within just 3 days 🤩 they’re shining and just look a million bucks! They’re overall health is just the best I have ever seen. Very very impressed ❤️
Elizabeth Bennett
Elizabeth Bennett
22:56 16 Nov 19
Words can't describe how muvm I love this product.I have breeding stock to age horse.All on it mares with foals at foot looking great afters there foals are born even foals look great.My stallion shine on him people always ask how I say cen products the best.Than my 26yo Appy on all your prouducp he looking amazing people can't believe how good he looks.Thankyou cen prouduc been amazing.
Tiana Semple
Tiana Semple
23:06 16 Nov 19
Love Cen products. They have both my OTT and QH looking and feeling amazing. #supershiny # superhealthy # Cenforlife.
Ashleigh Noe
Ashleigh Noe
23:29 16 Nov 19
Absolutely love all the CEN products! My horses and dogs get the CEN oil and have seen a difference in them all from it, have used Super beet to successfully put weight on horses that have been light on. Used Xtra balance on a horse that was on strong antibiotics for an extended period of time and it kept her healthy the whole time! Always pick the CEN products over any other.
Jodi Bussell
Jodi Bussell
23:35 16 Nov 19
I absolutely love CEN oil! Dixie is 22 and I started adding it to her feed 6 months ago for the anti-inflammatory benefits of omega 3 found in flaxseed. She’s my riding horse so I want her to feel her best. CEN oil has her holding her condition better, she’s moving smoothly and feels great, she’s gone from a dull chestnut to a glowing liver chestnut, she’s looking younger every day!
Bella Wozniak
Bella Wozniak
23:54 16 Nov 19
So thankful to my horses chiropractor who recommended CEN to me. I have seen a dramatic change in my horses coat and condition using the oil. I now feed the Cen oil to all my horses.
Hayley Obersky
Hayley Obersky
23:51 16 Nov 19
Have used for a few years on my 19 year old Arab had him since he was 2 and he looks better at 19 than he has ever before he is glowing, I used it on a skinny horse brought with a dull coat with I. A week he looked like a different horse, highly recommended best stuff on the market
Sylvia Hoefnagels
Sylvia Hoefnagels
02:18 17 Nov 19
My horse thrives on CF50 and Superbeet, his shine is second to none even in the drought and he holds his weight well now. CEN keeps him calm too. My pups are on CEN oil and their coat is just beautiful, their skin is healthy and it helps with their joints too.
Steph Erbacher
Steph Erbacher
10:12 17 Nov 19
Easier than 123 ABC 🤩🙌🏼🐎🥰Wow I truly was amazed at the amazing difference in my horses coats all just by adding CEN Oil! CEN oil far exceeded my expectations!Not only did my guys look amazing but they certainly appeared to be feeling more amazing than ever before! (Definitely NOT hot! Just simply feelin good- especially the 25year old persiron, hes acting like a young spring chicken now he’s on CEN ! 🤩🙌🏼🐎🥰)
Zahra Goldsmith
Zahra Goldsmith
06:10 19 Nov 19
Fantastic product for our horse, but also our performance working dogs. Benefits are: added energy, weight retention, and coat condition++. Highly recommend this product.
Somerstone Racing
Somerstone Racing
08:23 03 Jan 20
Amazing feeds, especially love the oil and the gamma formula. My horses are thriving on the whole system. The scientists behind the feed are happy to discuss how to make the feed work for what you do with your horses. I no longer treat medically for ulcers, because they are so healthy. And for racing horses, that’s a massive statement!
Tenny Shep
Tenny Shep
20:49 04 Jan 20
Cen products have improved our Showing and Racing teams performance and overall health. Their shine is absolutely amazing, all the horses clean up their feeds, and recover from hard work extremely well. The products are super easy to use and economical over a large team. Couldn’t recommend them enough!! ⭐️
Kait Bowes
Kait Bowes
21:20 05 Jan 20
I have recently started using CEN CF50 and already I have noticed my horse’s coat health improve (super shiny) and he never wastes a single pellet. Also, their customer service is amazing! They were happy to answer any questions I had and shipping was fast. Finally, I wanted to say a special thank you to Bryan for his invaluable knowledge and advice. I will not be using any other product other than CEN from now on 5/5 stars 🌟
Danielle Butcher
Danielle Butcher
16:41 13 Jan 20
When the fires came through my horses had to stop using CEN oil as we had lost it all. I noticed a difference in them straight away so I made the decision to find a way to get them back onto it and my god am I glad I did!!!!! Almost instantaneously they got their coats back, they weight started to pick up again and they just generally looked 100% on when they weren’t having it! It was very clear then how much the product worked and the difference it was making. Thanks again for the great range guys!
Nicole Prior
Nicole Prior
23:46 14 Jan 20
Excellent products and customer service! My 5yr old tb looks amazing and feels great under saddle since starting CEN products. When recently re scoped he went from grade 4 ulcers using a different product and since changing to CEN he now has no ulcers and I was told his stomach lining looks really healthy.
Pam Andrew
Pam Andrew
04:26 21 Jan 20
We at Anstead Acres have found CEN products support our team of horses exceptionally well. We have performance horses, young horses as well as school horses that have varying needs. CEN meets the requirements for all of our horses and we are so happy with the ongoing results; we have never had a horse get 'hot' on CEN products. We highly recommend CEN products and their customer support is second to none!
Amy Cullen
Amy Cullen
21:32 25 Jan 20
I cannot be more grateful for CEN and what they have done for my horses! The products are absolutely amazing and have completely turned my horses around. I now have super shiny, fat, healthy horses! Who could ask for more. The staff also go above and beyond to help their clients and that really says something about a business. The service is always fast and professional, which is also another reason I love CEN so much! Would 200% recommend CEN products to anyone and everyone who has horses, or who may be struggling with their horses weight! CEN saved my horses, and I’m so grateful for that! 💕
Zoe Arvidson
Zoe Arvidson
13:01 02 Feb 20
I cannot thank the amazing team at CEN enough, for all their help and advice with getting all my horses both show and pets into premium health.CEN products have been a total game changer for my stud, from not having to use shine sprays at shows, due to them now naturally gleaming and believe me everyone asks how they are so shiny! to my horses who have had immune, EMS, skin, ulcers/stress and iron toxicity issues are now doing the best they have in such a long time.I cannot recommend using CEN products enough they truly make such an amazing difference.Well worth giving them CEN products try!
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