CEN Dog Vitamin C Powder Supplement
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CEN Dog Vitamin C Powder Supplement

$39.95 inc. GST

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Vitamin C helps support your dogs immune system, collagen production and iron absorption.

The Benefits of Vitamin C For Dogs

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant for dogs. Acting as a natural anti-histamine, Vitamin C relieves canine allergy symptoms whilst simultaneously supporting immune system function. Vitamin C also helps to neutralise free radicals, protects cells from damage and reduce inflammation and cognitive aging. Although dogs can naturally produce their own Vitamin C, they produce lower amounts in times of stress or sickness (such as UTIs) and may benefit from a natural supplement.

Sodium ascorbate is a form of Vitamin C that is more easily absorbed by the body than Ascorbic Acid, making it an ideal choice for dogs. In addition, it is non-toxic and safe for dogs of all sizes.

Our Vitamin C powder supplement for dogs is available to buy online for delivery throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Key Features

  • Post-Operative and Post-Trauma Dogs
  • Dogs Suffering from Wounds, Infections or Diseases, Emotional Stress or Anxiety
  • Competition Dogs e.g Endurance, Sled Dogs
  • Inflammatory Conditions
  • Dogs with Heaves, Allergies or Tear Stains
  • Older Dogs with Chronic Infections or Decreased Immunity

Vitamin C Dosage Rate For Dogs

Small BreedsSmall (<15kg)Med (15-30kg)
0-6 mths250mg500mg
6-12 mths (gradually increasing to adult level)250-500mg500-1500mg
Large BreedsLarge (30-50kg)X Large (>50kg)
0-4 mths (gradually increasing)500-1000mg750-2000mg
4-18 mths (gradually increasing to adult level)1000-3000mg2000-6000mg


Written By:

Bryan Meggitt (BMedSc. GCrtMedSc.)
Co-Founder / Blood Scientist | CEN Nutrition

Why Sodium Ascorbate?

Sodium Ascorbate vs Ascorbic Acid

CEN Vitamin C uses Sodium Ascorbate, a highly effective, more easily absorbed form of Vitamin C. It is pH neutral (pH 7.4) as opposed to acidic Ascorbic Acid (pH 3.0). Therefore Sodium Ascorbate does not irritate the intestinal tract or kidneys. The body easily absorbs sodium ascorbate, and studies have also shown that it stays in the system twice as long as the acid form. Sodium ascorbate is the only form of vitamin C approved by the FDA for intravenous injection in humans.


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  • All Natural Ingredients

    All our products are Chemical Free. We only use natural sources.

Immune System

Vitamin C is a natural immune system booster. When absorbed into the body, it helps increase the number of antibodies responsible for fighting toxins, bacteria and viruses.


Vitamin C helps relieve allergy symptoms because it acts as an antihistamine, a compound that counteracts histamine and fights inflammation.


Vitamin C helps the production of collagen, a vital tissue that promotes joint and bone health.


Vitamin C boosts your Dog’s level of interferon, a natural antibody that helps fight viral infections and cancerous growths.


Supplementing Vitamin C has been linked to helping the absorption rate of other nutrients in the diet (or supplement).


Vitamin C is a vital antioxidant for your Dog. They need it to maintain a healthy, lustrous coat. Vitamin C usually combines with Vitamin E to maintain their vibrant appearance.


Vitamin C (as Sodium Ascorbate).


Is Vitamin C good for dogs?

Vitamin C is an essential element for all mammals, unlike humans dogs can produce Vitamin C in their liver, it is also noted that in times of stress the need for Vitamin C is increased while natural production is decreased, a perfect environment for a Vitamin C deficiency if left unchecked. Stress both Physical and Phycological can impact the production of Vitamin C and supplementation can help avoid further complications from nutritional deficiency.

Can dogs eat Vitamin C?

Fresh food containing Vitamin C are often not palatable additions to daily meals; capsicum, orange, pineapple and kale may be a great source but are not readily consumed by most dogs. CEN Vitamin C as Sodium Ascorbate is a pH neutral (pH 7.4) form that does not irritate the intestinal tract or kidneys like other forms of Vitamin C.

Can dogs have HUMAN Vitamin C?

CEN Vitamin is a human grade sugar and filler free supplement that is pH neutral making it gentle on the intestinal tract and kidneys; being a powdered form this is easily added to your dog’s favourite meal or enrichment treats. Many human Vitamin C tablets contain sugars and flavours which are not suitable for dogs.

7 reviews for CEN Dog Vitamin C Powder Supplement

  1. Pedro

    After listening to the podcast, I really like that CEN have used sodium ascorbate, it’s better absorbed by the dog’s body, and stays in the system twice as long compared with ascorbic acid. I will be feeding this all year round! It’s so interesting that Sodium ascorbate is the only form of Vitamin C approved by the FDA for human IV use.

  2. TANIA BRADY (verified owner)

    Started adding to my dogs CEN routine after spinal surgery.
    Her recovery has been nothing short of impressive, I have CEN to thank for this.
    Adding the Vitamin C to her routine has improved her nerve stimulation, and I feel she is more svhilled out and relaxed… especially when she is on her Accell Therapy Massage Mat.
    Thanks again CEN, you just keep bringing it!

  3. Laura P

    Luna has severe seasonal allergies, everything that spring brings about triggers her itchy and teary eyes. We have seen the vet many times and even ophthalmologist regarding this with the end result being eye drops twice a day for all for spring and summer. Recently we were lucky enough to try this amazing supplement CEN Vitamin C and after only 1 month of using the Vit C in combination with the CEN oil we no longer need the eye drops at all and the itchiness is minimal. We are extremely impressed!

  4. Michelle Rovetto (verified owner)

    Love this product, my dogs were always scrathing. Since putting them on this product as their pro biotic they have absolutely thrived.

  5. Kitty Lawrence (verified owner)

    Love it, both dogs love it.
    Smells yummy too

  6. Kaye Gunson (verified owner)

    Find that this vitamin C powder has helped our dog cope with allergens in the garden and surrounding bush environment, especially during the high pollen days of spring growth. She sneezes less and her eyes have lost that redness and weep. Great product for her. Thankyou.

  7. Kirsten Francis

    Such a great product. Great pared with the oil for an itchy dog.

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