CEN XtraBalance Digestive Supplement

CEN XtraBalance Digestive Supplement

(29 customer reviews)

Contains Prebiotics and Probiotics to Promote Healthy Digestive Function, Immune System & Hoof Health in Horses.

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Australian Made Probiotic Supplement For Horses

Support and maximise your horse’s digestive health with our Australian made CEN XtraBalance horse probiotic supplement. Containing prebiotics and probiotics to optimise nutrient uptake and maximising the horse’s feed conversion while promoting a healthy microbiome.

Natural Marine Sourced Calcium may assist with buffering the stomach pH, reducing the risk of hindgut issues induced by stress. The inclusion of two toxin binders also helps bind and remove mycotoxins found in pastures.

Key Features

  • 6 in 1 Digestive Supplement for Horses Containing Probiotics & Prebiotics
  • Promotes a Healthy Digestive System
  • Helps Improve Immunity
  • Optimises Nutrient Uptake
  • Assists with Weight-Gain
  • May Improve Hoof and Coat Quality
  • Assists in Removing Mycotoxins
  • Supports Behaviour and Temperament
  • May Reduce the Risk of Digestive Upsets and Metabolic Diseases

Feed Rate

Based on a 500kg horse

30g/day increase to 60g leading up to event day (mix with feed). Introduce slowly at a ¼ – ½ rate and increase over a 5-7 day period.

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  • Formulated By Nutritionists

    Trusted by over 7,500 happy horses and owners.

  • Australian-Made Since 2014

    Proudly Australian Made & Owned, manufacturing all our products in Australia.

  • All Natural Ingredients

    All our products are Chemical Free. We only use natural sources.

Digestive Health

Promotes the growth of beneficial good bacteria. Live probiotics stabilise the pH and reduce lactic acid in the horse’s hindgut. The result is a stimulated activity and growth of beneficial good bacteria for more efficient feed conversion. Improvements in horse appetite, behaviour and manure quality are all associated with a healthy gut environment.

Immune System Health

By inhibiting harmful bacteria and stimulating the horse’s immune system function. The prebiotics blocks the attachment and development of harmful bacteria within the gut. This has a positive effect on the horse’s natural immune system, reducing the risk of disease through a stronger immune response.

Hoof Health

By creating a healthier gut microbiome, Biotin is produced naturally by the horse in the hindgut and utilised to help maintain hoof health.

Maintaining Condition/Assists in Weight Gain

Useful in maintaining weight through travelling/competition/racing by drawing more nutrients from your daily feeding ration. Saving you money by getting more from your feed.

Hindgut Buffer

Marine sourced calcium will help buffer the horse’s stomach and hindgut for daily digestive health. To help lower the risk of hindgut acidosis associated with the stress of travel and performance.

Mycotoxin Removal

Binding and removal of Mycotoxins that can cause the following symptoms: Reduced appetite, Unexpected weight loss or reduced growth rates, Inability to correctly regulate body temperature, Diarrhoea, Excitable, unpredictable, irritable or uncharacteristic behaviour, Muscle twitching or twitching of the face, lips and eyelids, Bleached and/or rough coat.


Levucell SC® & SB® Live Yeast Probiotic, Yang® Prebiotic, Marine Sourced Calcium, Toxin Binder, Cinnamon Bark, Grapeseed. Gut Microbiome Modulators – Carvacrol, Thymol, Carvone.

Levucell SC® SB® Live Yeast Probiotic

Live yeast probiotics have the capacity to enhance digestive function. They assist with:

  • feed digestibility and utilisation,
  • stabilisation of the hindgut to help to reduce the risk of the incidence of acidosis,
  • lowering the laminitis risk,
  • growth and development improvement,
  • maintaining the digestive health of young foals.

Yang® Prebiotic

A synergistic alliance of different strains of inactivated yeasts (including saccharomyces cerevisiae et cyberlindnera jadinii) may assist your horse with:

  • balancing the intestinal microflora,
  • stimulating horses’ natural defences (immune system).​

Gut Microbiome Modulators

Gut Microbiome Modulators including Carvacrol, Thymol, Carvone, Cinnamon Bark & Grapeseed help with appetizing and endogenous secretions, protection of gut and microbiome support.

Marine Sourced Calcium

Marine Sourced Calcium helps support the pH levels in both the fore and hindgut.

Mycosorb A+ – Yeast Based Toxin Binder

The unique technology behind Mycosorb A+ makes it the most advanced Mycotoxin binder on the market. Backed by 18 years of research and patent protected technology, Mycosorb A+ offers superior binding capabilities. A broader adsorption profile and increased efficacy reduce mycotoxins and negating the damaging effects on a horse’s health. Mycofix® Plus – targets Non-Absorbable Mycotoxins. Efficiently binds polar mycotoxins (aflatoxins, ergot alkaloids) and endotoxins.


How to introduce CEN XtraBalance into feed?

Start with half the recommended feed rate for the first 5 days.

If your horse is a picky eater, mix well first with CEN Oil or other feed. Some horses dislike the texture or taste at first, but a slow introduction will get their tastebuds used to the product.

Can I feed double the recommended feed rate?

Yes, in times of high stress, workload or mycotoxins. At double the recommended feed rate can be highly effective in these situations and is safe to feed.

Can I feed CEN XtraBalance on top of CEN CF50 or CEN Complete Grain Free?

Yes, CEN XtraBalance is an excellent addition to all feeds as additional digestive support for horses prone to digestive upsets from stress or increased workload.

29 reviews for CEN XtraBalance Digestive Supplement

  1. Jess Fittock

    Wonderful product I use for digestion support, hoof health and mycotoxin removal, I have noticed significant improvement in hoof health over the months using this product and living on a big property mycotoxin removal support is essential.

  2. Louise

    XtraBalance is one of my favourite CEN products and worked absolute wonders on my galloway show mare in 2018/19 show seasons, she went from a sour, uncatchable mare who refused to eat to a sweet, sooky mare who licked the bin clean, I struggled for months with this mare and also tried other similar products on the market with no success at all, a combination of CEN Oil and XtraBalance had this mare sane, listening to me on show day and absolutely gleaming with dapples and a coat like silk, it is definitely my go to product and I now have several horses using this daily including an OTTB, a 3yo, a stallion and weanling pony fillies, I find the longer you use this product the better the results! Highly recommend!

  3. Leisa

    This is a staple addition for my horses, CEN Xtrabalance does a fantastic job helping their systems manage whatever Mother Nature wants to throw our way. IMO this is a must have product for handling environmental factors. Guthealth is key ?

  4. DaniRose (verified owner)

    Wonderful product I’ve very happy with the overall health and immune support of this product in both my horses. Also it’s only a scoop a day compared to other brands which need so much each day the feeds then need to be wet down. With CEN Xtrabalance it’s very user friendly as doesn’t make feed too dusty at all! Highly recommend.

  5. Simone

    My Thoroughbred Mare suffered very loose stools for approx 6 months after I bought her. I tried everything, but nothing seemed to curb the problem until a friend of mine (who has a lot of experience in showing horses and making them look their best) recommended CEN XTRABALANCE to me.

    After trying CEN XTRABALANCE, I have never looked back really. It has saved me a lot of time and money.
    After a good 2-3 weeks of supplementing her diet with XTRABALANCE, her stools firmed up to a normal, healthy level, her coat improved dramatically and her hooves actually grew faster and stronger!

  6. Kelly

    Sam Kavanagh racing highly recommends the CEN XtraBalance, our stable of 28 horses all receive this product and we have seen great improvement in appetite, behaviour as well as no greasy heal or skin issues since this has product been part of our diet.

  7. Olivia

    I have been using CEN XtraBalance for a few weeks now and to say I’m so happy with the product would be an understatement. After many winters of owning Jolly I have noticed she has never been as happy during the wet months, as she is during the hotter weather, she has been a little moody during the winter, she is definitely not a moody type so couldn’t quite put my finger what the issue may be and how I can improve her internal digestive health. Of course being a horse she will still have her moments and be a little bit moody/have her bad days, however this year I made the choice to try out your products after hearing so many good things about them.
    I have noticed over the period of time using the ‘XtraBalance’ Jolly overall already seems so much happier, she has become so much less nippy and her gut health has improved so much. I can now walk up to her stomach when she is eating without her getting unhappy. I just wanted to say thank you so much for provided myself and others with incredible supplements such as the ‘XtraBalance’. I am so glad I have found a reliable product to help support my ponies digestive health and help reduce risks of digestive upsets. I have already seen further improvement in both of the ponies coats, they have become so healthy and content. Thank you so much again!

  8. Lindsay

    Game changer!! Is all I can say about this product.

    I have tried numerous products on the market to help support my show ponies gut health. Can’t even imagine how much money I’ve wasted trying products with little to no results.

    After coming across Bryan and Peter’s podcast I contacted Bryan directly to discuss my concerns. Not only did I love not being pushed into buying their products (Like most other companies) but the time given with discussing gut health in depth and the benefits xtrabalance can offer my horses was outstanding.

    I had a pony who had a list of issues
    – stress while traveling
    – stools were like water constantly while away at shows
    – go off his feed
    – nippy
    – girthy
    – difficult in catching him
    – hated having his rugs put on
    – extremely sensitive to noise
    – flighty
    Are just to name a few. We since traveled 5 hours to a GN qualifier for a massive 4 days away and we had a completely different pony. Handled the stress being away and stabled with no turn out time. No more sloppy stools, and back to being the chilled pony he was. I keep the ponies on the maintenance dose to ensure we don’t risk any digestive upset. CEN XtraBalance has also assisted in the ponies hooves to harden and grow much faster than before. We now have beautiful healthy coats which tells me we finally have his gut health sorted. Defiantly a product I cant live without!!

    Thank you Bryan and Team for supporting me and providing me with knowledge I now know to ensure my horses are fed the best nutrition for optimal health and performance. A product I can highly recommend knowing the positive results it has on.

  9. Mariah Salm

    I highly recommend this product! I was recommended this product after my horse had colic surgery. He bounced back quicker & stronger then vets and I could’ve ever predicted! I honestly believe the CEN products but mainly the XtraBalance aided him with everything he needed for the best chance of recovery!

  10. Katie Honeysett

    Great product, my mare loves it! She was having gut troubles with all the fresh grass around, the team at CEN gave me advice on how to change her diet and help her recover. CF50 has been a great addition to her diet and helped to simplify what I was feeding her. Her tummy is back to normal and she looks amazing all with the help of this and the xtra balance supplement. Thank you for making great, Australian made feed.

  11. Tanja Kraus (verified owner)

    XtraBalance helps my horses who are travelling constantly and as such have variation in diet. XtraBalance helps to maintain their gut health. Highly recommend for those who travel or move horses often, or even those who feed variations in hay and chaff.

  12. Maddie (verified owner)

    I started my mare on this product (in combination with CEN oil), and after finishing the tub I have started my other 3 on it as well. It is costly to have 4 horses on the supplement (approx. $2500/year, plus around $1000/year for the oil), but the results I had with the first mare are worth it. Her coat is always commented on and is gleaming, and I have noticed a great improvement in her hoof health. Her hooves used to be somewhat brittle, flaked and cracked easily, and now they are growing out nicely and appear much more sound and strong.

  13. Mereki Canacott (verified owner)

    I always do a course of the CEN XtraBalance with the change of seasons to boost immunity, support digestive health and for mycotoxin removal. Highly recommend!

  14. Renee Neubauer (verified owner)

    My review on this is
    It takes the stress out of the horses guts and takes the stress off me knowing I’m feeding the right supplement.
    Big game changer for our horses but amazing for all the ones we get thru with Project Hope Horse Welfare – there guts are often so sensitive that anything can cause further upsets – but not CEN !

  15. Di Burns (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. My horse was suffering from greasy heal. I had been treating it for three weeks with little improvement. I tried CEN XtraBalance and after four days it was healed. Also has helped when travelling as he can get loose Poos but not when he is taking CEN XtraBalance. Love this and my horse loves the taste of it!

  16. Wendy Sephton (verified owner)

    Excellent product very happy horse

  17. kathrynandersen (verified owner)

    CEN XtraBalance is an incredible staple in my thoroughbreds feed routine! It gives me peace of mind knowing that her gut is being well looked after with the stresses that competing and travelling can bring. I highly recommend this product to all of my family and friends.

  18. Colleen Shields

    CEN XtraBalance is the only toxin binder and gut health product I’ve found on the market that actually does what it says it’s supposed to.

  19. Stephanie McCully (verified owner)

    CEN XtraBalance is my go to for internal health.! It is a far superior product than most out there and I have used a number of different products finding the right one to suit my horses. I use all CEN products for my horses feed for a few years now and they are much better for it.

  20. Brittani

    Absolutely love CEN products especially this! My ponies have been so healthy since I transferred them over to all CEN! So grateful

  21. Laura Clutterbuck

    I love the ease of Xtrabalance! I was feeding a bunch of separate supplements, a toxin binder, pro and prebiotic and then decided to try this instead. Both my mares are doing so well on it and it’s just one scoop, it covers them all and then some!

  22. Paige gray (verified owner)

    The best product I’ve ever used for my two warmbloods. It helps them feel fantastic and is an insurance policy for me to help keep them healthy and thriving!

  23. Ash Willett

    This product has been a game changer for my 2 horses. Since I decided to switch to CEN & focus on giving them a product that would start by healing their gut and working on them from the inside out, my horses have literally NEVER looked better. It’s great knowing that my horse’s gut health is being looked after and consistently improved with each bucket of feed. Happy gut = healthy horse !

  24. Wendy Sephton (verified owner)

    Excellent product would recommend. Has made a positive improvement.

  25. Megan

    My guy is a totally different horse on XtraBalance, he used to be super anxious and now he is so much more relaxed and overall happier

  26. Brooklyn Coverdale (verified owner)

    During the 2022 floods, I was using CEN Xtrabalance as we weren’t getting good quality hay and our pasture had a lot of sediment left on it. My horses did not loose condition once, Xtrabalance kept their guys healthy and happy!

  27. Brooklyn Coverdale (verified owner)

    During the 2022 floods, I was using CEN Xtrabalance as we weren’t getting good quality hay and our pasture had a lot of sediment left on it. My horses did not loose condition once, Xtrabalance kept their guts healthy and happy!

  28. Tahlia (verified owner)

    Xtrabalance is amazing!
    My gelding was showing signs of a gut microbiome imbalance. He would barely touch his hard feed and was very anxious. I managed to tempt him to eat the xtrabalance with some chaff and a little molasses and the change in him has been amazing. He is now excited for his food and eats everything, I no longer need to add molasses. He is also way more relaxed and overall seems much happier. Xtrabalance is now a staple in his diet.

  29. Danielle Doff (verified owner)

    HIGHLY Recommend CenXtrabalance!.. I was sceptical at first.. as I thought it to be expensive.. however adding up my own concoction of sups to keep their toxins down, behaviours good, guts happy and this bag of goodness has all the goodies in it.. at the perfect ratios and I can see the difference in my herd on CenXtrabalance in comparison and my mind is at peace knowing its all covered… I now feed a half dose daily and only when we’ve change of season or an outing on the weekend ill use the full dose for Xtra support and find my horses glowing with goodness! its worth it.. defiantly grab a bag to have on hand!

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