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CEN XtraBalance provides your horse with the daily support required to optimise good digestive health.


Promotes the growth of beneficial good bacteria. Live probiotics stabilise the pH and reduce lactic acid in the hindgut. The results is a stimulated activity and growth of beneficial good bacteria for more efficient feed conversion. Improvements in appetite, behaviour and manure quality are all associated with a healthy gut environment.


By Inhibiting harmful bacteria and stimulating the immune system function. The prebiotics blocks the attachment and development of harmful bacteria within the gut. This has a positive effect on the horse’s natural immune system, reducing the risk of disease through a stronger immune response.


By creating a healthier gut microbiome, Biotin is produced naturally by the horse in the hindgut and utilised to help maintain hoof health.

Maintaining Condition, Assist in Weight GainMAINTAINING CONDITION/ASSIST IN WEIGHT GAIN

Useful in maintaining weight through travelling/competition/racing by drawing more nutrients from your daily feeding ration. Saving you money by getting more from your feed.

hindgutbuffericonHINDGUT BUFFER

Marine sourced calcium will help buffer the horse’s stomach and hindgut for daily digestive health. To help lower the risk of hindgut acidosis associated with the stress of travel and performance.


Binding and removal of Mycotoxins that can cause the following symptoms: Reduced appetite, Unexpected weight loss or reduced growth rates, Inability to correctly regulate body temperature, Diarrhoea, Excitable, unpredictable, irritable or uncharacteristic behaviour, Muscle twitching or twitching of the face, lips and eyelids, Bleached and/or rough coat.


CEN XtraBalance is formulated to maintain healthy digestive function to ensure better absorption of nutrients, manufacture of vitamins and minerals, a stronger immune system and removal of mycotoxins.

Optimal digestive health promotes a happier healthier horse through improvements in temperament, maintaining condition and lowering the risk of digestive upsets and metabolic diseases.

The gut microbiome balance can be disrupted by stress, this is caused by a number of factors including competition and travelling. CEN XtraBalance is highly beneficial in strengthening the gut environment for better performance and overall health.

CEN XtraBalance Product benefits in horses


Start with half the recommended feed rate for the first 5 days.
If your horse is a picky eater, mix well first with CEN Oil or other feed. Some horses dislike the texture or taste at first, but a slow introduction will get their tastebuds used to the product.

Yes, in times of high stress, workload or mycotoxins. At double the recommended feed rate can be highly effective in these situations and is safe to feed.

Yes, CEN XtraBalance is an excellent addition to all feeds as additional digestive support for horses prone to digestive upsets from stress or increased workload.


In this podcast, Peter and Bryan discuss the details of CEN XtraBalance and the digestive health benefits for horses.

    1. What is CEN XtraBalance?
    2. When would you feed CEN XtraBalance?
    3. Why is fibre important?
    4. How CEN XtraBalance can help with condition or weight gain?
    5. What are the ingredients in CEN XtraBalance?
    6. CEN XtraBalance FAQs
    7. CEN XtraBalance User Review


LIVEPROBIOTICSLevucell SC® SB® Live Yeast Probiotic

Live yeast probiotics have the capacity to enhance digestive function. They assist with:

  • feed digestibility and utilisation,
  • stabilisation of the hindgut to help to reduce the risk of the incidence of acidosis,
  • lowering the laminitis risk,
  • growth and development improvement,
  • maintaining digestive health of young foals.

prebioticsYang® Prebiotic

A synergistic alliance of different strains of inactivated yeasts (including saccharomyces cerevisiae et cyberlindnera jadinii) may assist your horse with:

  • balancing the intestinal microflora,
  • stimulating a horses’s natural defences (immune system).​

Gut Microbiome Modulators IconGut Microbiome Modulators

Gut Microbiome Modulators including Carvacrol, Thymol, Carvone, Cinnamon Bark & Grapeseed help with appetizing and endogenous secretions, protection of gut and microbiome support.


Marine Sourced Calcium IconMarine Sourced Calcium

Marine Sourced Calcium helps support the pH levels in both the fore and hindgut.


toxinbinderMycosorb A+ – Yeast Based Toxin Binder

The unique technology behind Mycosorb A+ makes it the most advanced Mycotoxin binder on the market.
Backed by 18 years of research and patent protected technology, Mycosorb A+ offers superior binding capabilities. A broader adsorption profile and increased efficacy reduce mycotoxins and negating the damaging effects on a horse’s health.

Mycofix® Plus – target Non-Adsorbable Mycotoxins. Efficiently binds polar mycotoxins (aflatoxins, ergot alkaloids) and endotoxins. 

Feed Rate


30g/day increase to 60g leading up to event day (mix with feed).

Does not contain restricted material.

5 reviews for CEN XtraBalance

  1. Jess Fittock

    Wonderful product I use for digestion support, hoof health and mycotoxin removal, I have noticed significant improvement in hoof health over the months using this product and living on a big property mycotoxin removal support is essential.

  2. Louise

    XtraBalance is one of my favourite CEN products and worked absolute wonders on my galloway show mare in 2018/19 show seasons, she went from a sour, uncatchable mare who refused to eat to a sweet, sooky mare who licked the bin clean, I struggled for months with this mare and also tried other similar products on the market with no success at all, a combination of CEN Oil and XtraBalance had this mare sane, listening to me on show day and absolutely gleaming with dapples and a coat like silk, it is definitely my go to product and I now have several horses using this daily including an OTTB, a 3yo, a stallion and weanling pony fillies, I find the longer you use this product the better the results! Highly recommend!

  3. Leisa

    This is a staple addition for my horses, CEN Xtrabalance does a fantastic job helping their systems manage whatever Mother Nature wants to throw our way. IMO this is a must have product for handling environmental factors. Guthealth is key 😍

  4. DaniRose (verified owner)

    Wonderful product I’ve very happy with the overall health and immune support of this product in both my horses. Also it’s only a scoop a day compared to other brands which need so much each day the feeds then need to be wet down. With CEN Xtrabalance it’s very user friendly as doesn’t make feed too dusty at all! Highly recommend.

  5. Simone

    My Thoroughbred Mare suffered very loose stools for approx 6 months after I bought her. I tried everything, but nothing seemed to curb the problem until a friend of mine (who has a lot of experience in showing horses and making them look their best) recommended CEN XTRABALANCE to me.

    After trying CEN XTRABALANCE, I have never looked back really. It has saved me a lot of time and money.
    After a good 2-3 weeks of supplementing her diet with XTRABALANCE, her stools firmed up to a normal, healthy level, her coat improved dramatically and her hooves actually grew faster and stronger!

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