Episode 54 | RACEHORSE TO RANCH HORSE CHAMPION – Brittany Flinn Interview About Her Journey & Challenges Of Competing

In this podcast, Bryan interviews Inaugural Race To Ranch Event Co-Champion Brittany Finn and the 100 day journey and challenges she faced on her way to an outstanding performance! Not only the result, but Brittany’s journey is inspirational for all horse riders to step outside their comfort zone.

Brittany’s OTTB “Darlene” competed at the Cowgirls Gathering Weekend in Kilkevan, in the Race To Ranch Event. Darlene was transformed from Racehorse to Ranch horse on the CEN product range.

Darlene’s Race To Ranch Results: 1st in Ranch Versatility, 4th in Reining, 3rd in Cow Work, 1st in Freestyle The journey of OTTB Darlene from the racetrack to ranch horse – Under 100 days in training. Darlene’s response on CEN in his health and performance. Brittany’s personal challenge and her emotions during the event. 

Links: Darlene – https://www.facebook.com/darleneracetoranch
Cowgirls Gathering – Race To Ranch Event – https://www.cowgirlsgathering.com.au/race-to-ranch/


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