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Linda Walkingshaw
I switched my Endurance Horse over to CEN after he was scoped and found he had Ulcers. Since then he has improved in every aspect! The grumpy horse is much happier now too. We have won Best... Conditioned Lightweight Horse on our last two 80km rides. Last ride we took out 1st place lightweight 80km & 3rd overall. What an incredible improvement on performance! I can’t thank CEN enough for all their information and the podcasts are fantastic. Truly amazing!!read more
Sky Dalton
My boy has such amazing hair since changing to CEN highly recommend
Natalie Alexander
100% recommend CEN Nutrition!Before starting the Cen complete grain free feed and now the new formula with the CEN oil on our two OTTBs. My horses coat is bright and hooves are shiny. His itch is... gone. He had a right rein hind gut issue I believe but that has now been rectified. He has calmer behaviour and just overall looking better. He is a bad doer and dropped weight quite fast once we stopped rugging him when it came into spring this year and have been trying to put weight back on. Since changing to CEN a couple of months ago I am starting to see more weight gain. My hubby’s OTTB bleaches out really bad in summer and only a month or two on CEN she’s bright and glossy. Look forward to seeing the results of the new ultimate as I am only on week one. Customer service is also AMAZING!Not the best photos but the first photo is my horse. The top photo is him with itch and creams all over and duller. Now brighter and no itch and more weight put on 😍😍 The second photo is hubby’s horse who bleaches more
Jessica Richards
I absolutely love everything about CEN. From their customer service to their products, what this company offers is second to none. I feed cen complete, gold, oil, no3, salt and xtrabalanced. My... horses have never looked better, including my thoroughbred who is near impossible to put weight on.Highly recommend 👌read more
Best products at Cen on the market, love love love Cen Supporting Aussie Farmers. We have big Success using Cen products from horses, dogs and human collagen. Love love love 100% natural
zara vb
One of my girls, Envy, hasn’t been feeling herself for a while now and we had been tossing out whether it was feed related or body related! After seeing CEN was bringing out the ULTIMATE and reading... all the amazing benefactors i jumped at the chance of getting her on it! Whilst she’s only been on it for just over a week the results already speak for themselves! Im so happy to say she truly feels 110% herself again! I finally have a calm, relaxed, energetic horse, without being off her tree or crazy! it brings so much pleasure in knowing she feels as good on the inside as she does on the outside!read more
I highly recommend using CEN Nutrition Products! I use the CEN Dog Multivitamin Chews Freeze Dried Lamb and Harley can’t get enough of them! I can’t wait to try other products especially the CEN Oil... – First Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil and CEN Digestive+ Dog Probiotic more
Paige Parker
I’ve been using cen for almost 2 years now & when I say my horse has changed for the better I mean it, her health coat skin behaviour she’s such a happy mare & i couldn’t recommend enough for what... cen have done for me and her, 100/10 will forever be using it on my mare & future horsesread more
Charlotte Jenkins
Love Love Love! Couldn’t recommend it more!
Tilly Canavan
Cen horse combines the perfect nutrients in their feeds to fit all horses needs for any health conditions from paddock horses through to top level performance horses
Tracey Beamish
I could see the change in my horses after just 2 weeks on the CEN diet. Anytime i need to refine the diet of any of my horses the CEN Team are more than happy to offer advice to get the right balance.
Leagh Chaplin
My TB has absolutely thrived on CEN products. CEN grain free CEN Oil and the Xtra balance has been a game changer with him
Linda Willis
I highly recommend cen products, especially the cen oil for dogs. I own a staffy renowned for allergies and skin conditions, when she has Cen oil daily added to her food her skin and coat are amazing... with zero allergies.I ordered a bottle two weeks ago and they sent it via aramex, never arrived I emailed them Thursday and I received a replacement bottle today. I also received the original bottle, which I was told to keep with their compliments. I cannot recommend this company highly enough for their products and for their customer service. Thank you so much cen oil regards Linda Willisread more
Chrisanthi Sevastas
I’ve had great results with CEN oil with my older mare in the past, now with my two weanlings it was a no brainer I wanted to give them best possible start to their nutrition and growth! Thankyou for... the help and guidance I feel less overwhelmed and can’t wait to show you how beautifully healthy they develop from the inside out 🙂read more
Danielle Little
Best equine feed on the market! My horses are thriving on the lupin plus marine calcium pellet with CF50 and cen salt. My paddocks are full of oxalate grasses and I’ve been struggling for years with... problems from the grass when feeding others brands of pellets and supplements. My horses have been eating CEN for 6months now, and it has made a huge difference to their behaviour, health and I’m now not seeing problems associated with grass oxalates.Finally I feel like my horses are getting a complete diet which is enabling them to thrive in the paddock and out at more
Laura Harris
I have started my horse on CEN for 2 months now and can see a massive improvement in his overall coat heath. After starting on CEN I have never seen his winter coat as shiny as it is now in the show... ring! After seeing the positive impacts on my horse Teddy I have now included the Cen oil for dogs for my dog Rosie who has torn her ACLs and have noticed already after only a week her movement is increased and is not showing any signs of lameness. At CEN they have been lovely to work with answering all my questions on how to improve my horses health and how to improve my own and my brothers health. CEN has been a life changer!Make sure you check out the whole range of CEn products for not only your horses but your dog and yourself!read more
To all the people at CEN.Thank you so much, your Electrolytes are a game changer, we have an elder mare we have nearly lost 3 times due to dehydration colic, she has ample access to water but never... drunk enough until now, since using the cen electrolytes she has started drinking loads more, added some weight and is not on the salt lick so much any more. All our horses are on a CEN diet which is amazing and that’s why we tried the electrolytes, they are also amazing.And if you’ve ever been there all called you’ll know there customer service is as amazing as there product, I can’t thank you all more
Julian Timu
Been a customer for the past 4 years. While using Cen oil daily, we have noticed that our fur babies skin is always clear, coat is shiny and supports gut health. Cen Active to support Hip and Joint... Mobility.Will definitely be trying more of their products in the near future.Highly recommend to all pet owner' more
Pippa Taylor
I can not recommend cen enough. I have being using cen for a while now and the results I have seen on my horses are amazing 🤩
Sophie Anderson
I currently use the CF50 and have been feeding my warmblood mare on it for the last 3 years! She is always looking in tip top shape, and I love the fact that it only takes one supplement to get all... the vitamins and minerals she requires in a daily basis. The CEN website is also very informative and easy to use!read more
Marc Vipond
My dogs absolutely love the treats from Cen. Compared to other dog treats they are far healthier which brings me peace of mind when spoiling my boys!
Grace Gordon
Fabulous customer service. Competitive prices and amazing helpful & insightful knowledge
Jorja Weily
Amazing customer service, very knowledgeable and super lovely!
Debbie Chalk
Placing an order for products by phone was a pleasant experience. My phone call was answered straight away and order was placed and paid for in a few minutes. Job well done.
Sharni Armstrong
Absolutely lovely! Super great service and supportive of my own business. Loved collaborating!
Sandra Schultz
I have just finished my first bag of Frisky Mare. It's been such a nice change to be able to ride my girl out on trail rides, & when we turn for home we are not running in the Melbourne Cup. Thank... you Cen more
Emily Farthing
My Andalusian gelding suffers from the itch every summer. A friend of our recommended CEN Oil to us as she has had great results after feeding it her itchy horse. We started feeding the oil before... this itch season and it dramatically reduced his itchy problems and his coat just bloomed!read more
Ashleigh Havard
CEN is fantastic for my horses. Magellan has been so helpful and made sure my horses are getting exactly what they need. She has helped find the perfect feed for my horses which they love and they... are looking amazing!read more
elise williams
I have been using cen products for the past 2 years we tried multiple products on our ott gelding nothing helped condition him and a lot of products heated him but cen just wow after listening to... numerous podcasts i was skeptical as the feed rate seemed minimal as opposed to other products he picked up condition didnt get heated and his whole mannerism improved dramatically between his diet and the ulcer protect. we now use cen on all of our horses even the easy keepers cen has a product that caters for everyone and there customer service is next levelread more
monique fulcher
CEN has been an absolute game changer!The actual simplicity of feeding as well as knowing the feed my horses are getting is a balanced and nutritious meal!!The service that the CEN team have given... us has been 200% I can not fault them or the product at all.I love that I can call CEN, and every time I get a passionate and knowledgable team member on the other side. It is very comforting!I so love your Podcasts!!! I listen to them over and over!CEN you are amazing xxread more
Belinda Trapnell
I have been using CEN oil for over a year now and my horses feet, coat, and attitude have improved.I am so excited to try the new salt.Awesome customer service. Thanks for your help guys.
Robert Owen
I've been using the oil, collagen peptides and Active for my dogs for the past 2 years since my dog had TPLO surgery. Their coats have improved in look and feel, along with the recovery from surgery... and just general health as they age. The products are excellent and the staff in the store are all amazing, cannot fault any part of the experience with more
Cate McNamara
I absolutely love these products, my horse and dogs have thrived since transitioning to CEN.
Rebecca Fears
My horses have never looked healthier, happier and content after making the switch to CEN!
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cassandra Taylor (cassey)
I have two standard bred that I do endurance with. I started them with the CEN GOLD, but they really didn't take a liking to it even after a couple of weeks. I'm now trying the NO3 boost and they are... loving the product. I gave them half a scoop to start of with and they took to it straight away, no tipping their feed over, like they were with the GOLD. They are now on the full amount. The reason I'm trying this product is because my horse pulled up a little tight after a 20km ride two weeks ago and he was a little muscle sore. I gave him the boost straight away with a week off. I jump on him the other day and he feels fantastic. Moving very well and feels like his old self. Both horse's are even waiting at the gate to be fed with the boost instead of hanging back when they were on the GOLD. Definitely worth giving the NO3 BOOST ago as its one product that I will keep on more
Tessa Stormon
I’ve started using CENgold and CENoil for a few weeks now on both of my barrel mares. I can already notice a difference in their coat and skin health. One of my mares has developed arthritis from an... Injury so I started her on the CENgold and I am starting to see improvement in her lameness. So far she’s looking and feeling good. I look forward to seeing the full results as I continue to use CEN🤩read more
Natasha Thackwray
My endurance horses have never looked as good and are performing better since putting them on CEN. I use the pellets, oil, xtrabalance digestive support, electrolytes and the beta alanine. Since... using CEN products I have not had to deal with my horses tying up. I have always had wonderful, knowledgeable service from the staff at CEN and a big shout out to Magellan who always goes out of her way to welcome and support me with all my horse more
Melnbilly Johnson
CEN Oil is part of the daily supplement regime for Fab’s Cowboy & all horses at Johnson Racing!
Janna Madsen
Cannot rate Cen Nutrition highly enough for what it has done for our pony Woody and his health! He went from having a horrible dry coat to a beautiful deep liver colour. His manure was soft and... smelly and now it's perfect and he had horrible gas and was bloated but the cen oil has helped this dramatically! The staff are also extremely helpful and very transparent with their products and they know them back to front and will tailor a diet to suit your horses needs! They always return calls and have answered my many questions whenever I need!read more
Lauren inwood
My mounted games pony Poppy is thriving off of cen products!! Cen Gold has helped heaps with her joints ! Being a games pony she uses her joints loads with her twist and turns, and honestly shes... never felt better since starting her on it.Being quite a ulcer prone pony aswell , her girthyness has stopped since going on the grain free and ulcer protect 🙌. Couldnt of been happier with the results of cen nutrition 💙read more
Carina Thompson
Quality product with weight & shine coming through in two weeks. Recommend!!
Tracey Barnett
The biggest impact I saw was using CEN Gold on my now 28yr old TB. I already had him on 4cyte and I’ve tried injectable’s recommended by my vet but nothing was having an effect as of mid last year. I... was honestly really worried he was coming to the end as he’s a complex case with cushings, tendon and bone changes due to a horrific injury when he was 16 and subsequent gut issues from the medication throughout treatment of said injury all those years ago. He was mobile but not keen on getting around too much, wearing his toes down from dragging his feet and overloading his front end really badly despite body work to try alleviate this. I gave CEN GOLD a go just in case, and noticed a change within 3 weeks!! 🙏 He made a complete turnaround and is happily keeping up with my younger 2 now. Interestingly this is also the first summer in 2 years I haven’t struggled with him rubbing his mane out from itching it. Makes me wonder if it’s helping there too 🤷‍♀️ or just calmed inflammatory responses within the body in general. Anyway, sorry for a long one, it’s been a journey and I love CEN Gold. All three of mine are in it now and positive changes in them all but my oldest was the real miracle changeread more
Stephanie McCully
Cen products are by far the best we have used on our horses. Their overall health is better and they hold weight in the harsh times.I used extra balance, Cen lupins, Cen grain free, Cen oil, and Cen... boost.Whenever I have dealt with the staff they have always been more than happy to help in any way possible. I will always use Cen products while I have horses.I have even purchased the hair and nails collagen powder and it has worked a treat.I would 100% recommend any type of Cen products if you were more
Tyra Mistfall
Cen Xtrabalance has been a life saver for my boy. He just turned 20 and as he’s gotten older his hindgut has become less resilient and more prone to upsets. Xtrabalance has him bouncing back so fast.... Great to find something that more
Tarra Paterson
The best feed and service on the market backed by the most knowledgeable and passionate team who are always happy to support you and provide the best advice. I’ve been feeding my horse CEN for years... now and will never feed anything else; the results were so obvious and positive for us and the team were right beside us for my diet enquiries when we moved to a different property onto different pasture. They make it simple, accessible and balanced - truly a company that know what they’re more
I absolutely love CEN products I recently started feeding the CF50, CEN Oil and CEN Gold to my 18 year old thoroughbred mare and she is looking and feeling the best she’s ever been. She absolutely... loves her feed and licks her bucket clean every time, plus her coat is super shiny and she has dapples for the first time I 100% recommend!!!read more
Ashleigh Grassick
My horse suffers from Qld itch and Cen Gold has made a noticeable difference to his skin health. His coat is much healthier with little to no itch now during summer. Gold helps boost his immune... system and I notce less skin irritations from grasses and insects. He also loves the more
Claire Moore
Been using CEN oil for our dog for 3 months now. Amazing results our dog now has no pink paws and has a hairy belly and bits where before he would be gnawing all the time. He is so much happier in... more
Helen Ward
First photo was taken February 29 2024 2nd photo taken March 11 2024.Our pony mare was suffering terribly with itch since moving to Grafton NSW. I have tried everything from washes to purchasing an... insect repellent rug, seen a few people saying CEN Gold and Cen Oil has helped their horses with itch, I already had my comp horses on a Cen Diet and I am extremely happy with the results. As my last resort to try and help our pony mare I started her on CEN Gold and Cen Oil, she has only been on this now for approx 3 weeks and I have just started her on CEN Vitamin C as well to give her immune system a boost. She is now getting all new hair back on her bottom where 4 weeks ago she had rubbed it raw and was bleeding. She no longer has raw shoulders and her mane is growing back. I highly recommend CEN to everyone I speak with because the results speak for themselves. Thank you CEN for putting all our horses more
Danielle Doff
Since starting our horses on cen we’ve seen our horses bloom from the inside out 🤩 they are happy, healthy and I know they getting everything required plus I’m saving money! HIGHLY Recommend!
Eileen Manson
Friendly, knowledgeable and supportive staff.
Love how good my horses look and feed on the CEN diet.
Sumeré Van Staden
Thank you to an incredible team for your willingness to help and assist riders in optimizing their horse's feeding plan and sharing your incredible knowledge with us. You are truly appreciated in the... more
Codie Ramshaw
My mare has had such a fantastic coat this winter and the only thing I can put it down to is the CEN oil! Look at the difference in her coat and overall condition compared to last year. Everyone... always comments on how shiny she is. 😍read more
Emm Jay
After trying the CEN collagen for men with great results we thought we would trial the CEN oil for our show horses. Blown away with how dramatic the results were on our young Colt in only 3 weeks.... Have now changed all our show team over to the productsread more
Talia Sims
5 weeks on 40mls of CEN oil daily. Love this product! Couldn’t recommend it more 💪🏼😍
Constanze Clark
Big fan of the Cen dog products. Especially the Cen oil, electrolyte powder & vitamin C powder.
Kayla Grannall
We LOVE our CEN!
I initially gave it a go back in 2021 to aid with a dry coat issue on one of my dogs, but after seeing a change after just 1-2 weeks of use, I put all of my dogs onto the CEN... oil.
The Digestive also cleared up some pretty regular gastro-intestinal upset in one of my dogs, and consequently all 3 are on it now too, so we thought why not put them all on the Active as a wonderful anti-inflammatory measure being that they’re such active beings!

Proud to say everyone is living with lustrous coats, pain free and no gastro-intestinal upset whatsoever!
For the sake of adding a little extra to each meal, we feel we have some very happy, healthy little dogs!
read more
Kira Thorne
Love love love it 😍 Was recommended by the lovely Andie as I wanted something extra for my old boy, she said it gave her old fella a new lease on life so I had to try it! And it didn’t... disappoint thier coats are super shiny too, it really is great stuff would highly recommend, looking forward to trying some other products in the range too 😊read more
Sandy Hammond
Products did not suit my horses. My itchy horse got itchier and became photosensitive within a week of feeding Cen. He is much improved after only a few days of removing Cen and returning him to... previous more
Kate Hayward
by far the best feed company out there. what other feed company are doing podcast explaining what is exactly in it why, where it's made etc etc
Jodie Luck
So simple and it just makes so much sense!
Nikita Ninyette
I highly recommend CEN nutrition products! Not only is my thoroughbred Floyd feeling and looking great but it is economical too!
Thank you for answering all of my questions to help me to find... out what is best suited for my boy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐read more
Kaz Zzy
I have struggled with getting some good weight on this guy since I got him 9 months ago. I started him on Cen oil and 500g of cen grain free pellets 3 weeks ago and the difference is absolutely... amazing already!! I highly recommend these products 🙌🏼read more
Danielle Rose
Can’t recommend CEN products highly enough! Both of my horses had their own set of coat & health issues when I purchased them. And after putting them on CEN Oil, CF50 and Ultrabalance, they are just... totally different horses! Coat is beautifully soft, shiny & a lot less predisposed to itchy reactions. They also are feeling so much better within themselves (not in a hot way, just in a happy way if that makes sense! :)) So can highly recommend their products! 🙂read more
Astrid Arvidson
Thank you CEN for your amazing support of our event the 3rd Annual Baroque & Distinctive Breeds Festival.
Amazing company to deal with and super supportive of the industry.
April Bajkai
We have been using the Cen Oil for the last couple of weeks.
The shine on my horse is incredible!

Looking forward to adding the cf50 into his diet too 😍
Andrea Staples
Cen oil for dogs is amazing. One of my dogs in particular had developed a rough and bleached looking coat despite being on a good diet. He has now literally gone a dark chocolate colour and his coat... is super soft too. Horses are also looking amazing on the Cen CF more
Nicole Wilson
When Captain was young he had inflamed eyes and constantly having to be treated with eye ointments. I switched his diet from Advanced to primarily raw with digestive and have recently added in... electrolytes. His coat glistens in health and he recently took out best coated dog in the Border Collie Specialty show. All my dogs are fed digestive and their faeces💩 are always amazing even under stressful more
Michelle Putica
I listen to as many podcasts as i can and so impressed with all the information provided that I converted to a full cen diet for both my horses and amazed at the difference in health and... performance .

Now this totally blew me away the fact that i have used every powder, supplement support out there on the market to assist with one of my horses hooves in particular with a huge crack nothing worked. Since using cen complete, cen lupin pak and cen oil the crack that i was planning to have filled by my farrier has completely healed🤩 i just wish i had before and after pics..

My partner asked me if the farrier filled the crack lol. Thank you cen for this amazing feed truly works and my horse is living proof on how it healed and conditioned my horses hooves. 🤩
read more
Allison Baird
I have had my yearling Friesian on CEN grain free pellets plus CEN oil for the past 4 wks and loving the shine she now has and how much she has filled out
Sarah Morris
Started cen oil over a week ago and can already notice a difference
The shine is amazing 😍
Colleen Shields
I can’t rave about CEN grain free products enough. I changed my 19 year old semi retire boy to CEN and he has come along in leaps and bounds with his weight, topline and overall health. He’s also on... CEN Gold and since he started his second small bucket I’ve noticed huge changes in his movement and overall happiness more
Deborah Wyllie
I have been a fan of cen oil for a while now ... and more recently the cen podcast! So simple and easy to follow!
The oil being the only CEN product I use, I decided to send off my existing feed... plan to the nutritionalist for analysis!!
What a lovely surprise I got when the lovely Karly replied in less than 24hours! I’ll admit I expected it would come back suggesting I should replace my current feed to all the cen products, so it was so very refreshing that Karly responded with ...

“Her hard feed intake looks really good to me and am not inclined to suggest a whole lot of change if you are happy with how she is looking and performing. You have concentrated levels of minerals, salt and omega 3 all taken care of. I could definitely recommend a pelleted alternative from the CEN range for the Belinda's Loose Lick if you were interested, however I don’t wish to push anything unnecessarily.”

It’s not often you get this type of honesty, I would highly recommended this service and particularly the CEN oil!

Thank you Karly!
read more
Shana Rogers
Gave the probiotics to my dog with diarrhoea. Fixed him up pretty quickly thankfully. All my dogs get CEN Oil and their coats are so much softer and shinier 🥰. Love their products for my... horse alsoread more
Nicole Speelmeyer
Loving the cen shine not only for mumma but her 3 day old pups as well. Can’t recommend Cen enough! Loving the results we are seeing with all our dogs and horses ❤️
Taylor Wyld
I just started using CEN-Oil a week ago and you can already see the difference in my boy! I mean look at that shine! And he also seems a lot more happier! I am so excited to now be a “CEN” user and... look forward to trying more products! I am hooked now! Thank you guys so so much!read more
Sammi Bain
Absolutely love Cen products. I just started my campdraft horse on xtra balance the last 2 weeks before we had a draft and he was so much less nervy. Definitely recommend! My horses absolutely love... the Cen complete feed too!!read more
Jemma Whittington
I absolutely love how Cen oil has my OTTB shining. Only been back on it a week and half after a big spell and his coat is literally gleaming 😍
Cailin Bobbermen
These products have honestly set my young horses up for the best possible success.

Not only are they easy to feed, the team is super approachable and full of advice, and best of all, the... products really do speak for themselves.

From thoroughbreds to Clydesdale crosses to yearlings, they really do help them all 🧡

The photos below are 5 weeks difference
read more
Donna Parry
I started my golden on this four weeks ago as we’ve been struggling with a skin issue on her neck for five months. This together with antibiotics has helped it heal. I’m so happy. I highly recommend... CEN oil 🙂read more
Melissa Findlay
We have really noticed a huge difference in our horses movement since being on CEN gold and the CEN oil. I have now purchased the ulcer protect and cf50. CEN is an amazing product, and believe me , I... have tried everything!!!! The company in qld were extremely helpful and guided us on what was best for our horse. A HUGE thank you to CEN . Finally found the bestread more
Emily Vourlides
We recently started on Cen Oil for dogs, and the improvement in just a couple of weeks has been drastic! Thank you.
Dani Sexton
I've been using this for a few weeks now on my 3 Cavaliers, amazing product!! My girl, Miah, started itching quite a lot and had a dull(ish) coat, now she's beautiful and soft, very shiny and not... itching as much. My sister suggested I try it, as she uses it for her horse and highly recommend it, now so do I. thanks for a great more
Tiana Semple
Zues my rough collie always had such a dry dull coat.
start him on cen for dogs and what a difference it has made. 👌
Annette Dart Rawson
Provides what your dogs need to be healthy inside and out keeps them in top condition

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