Episode 59 | TRAINING YOUNG HORSES – Dr David Evans PhD BVSc Interview

In this podcast, Peter and Bryan discuss young horse training with Dr David Evans PhD BVSc who is a well respected Veterinary Consultant in Equine Sport Science and Honorary Associate Professor in the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney.

  • When is the best age to start training a young horse?
  • The use of X-rays to determine readiness for fast gallops in young horses?
  • What impact does the training have on their joints, tendons and ligaments?
  • What factors does age or training method impact?

They have an in-depth discussion about the latest research through this literature review:

Dr Evans is based in Australia as a consultant to horse owners and trainers, with a focus on practical applications of the science of equine fitness measurement and training.

There are many crossovers between horse breed types that all performance horse owners may find interesting, and a fascinating insight of the scientific theory to training a thoroughbred at the elite racing level.

Evans Science – https://www.facebook.com/evansscience


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