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horse eating hay - CEN Nutrition Fibre Article

Fibre in Horses Diets: Why it is SO Much More Than Just a Filler!

Horses are “trickle feeders” (meaning they are designed to ingest relatively small amounts of food gradually over long periods each day) and “hindgut fermenters” (which means that the fibrous component of their diet is fermented in their large intestine). Their entire digestive system is designed to process fibrous plant matter almost constantly.

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Queensland Itch

What Is Queensland Itch?

What Causes Queensland Itch? How To Help Prevent Queensland Itch? Where Does Queensland Itch Occur? What Causes Queensland Itch? Allergies are an exaggerated reaction by the body due to an

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Cracked Lupins


Lupin hulls are particularly high in digestible fibre and are therefore an excellent addition to horse rations as a source of highly nutritious slow-release sustained energy. In This Article: Why

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Nutrition Related Laminitis

Nutrition Related Laminitis

What is Nutrition Related Laminitis? What Causes Nutrition Related Laminitis? What can Help Reduce The Risk In Horses? What are Suitable Supplements For Laminitis? What is Nutrition Related Laminitis? Nutrition-related

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Don't Feed Chaff

Do Horses Need Chaff?

Why don’t you need to feed a horse chaff? What happens when you feed a horse chaff? Why is hay important for ulcers? Should chaff be included in a horse’s

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