How To Prevent Bad Dog Breath

How To Prevent Bad Dog Breath

What Is The Main Cause Of Bad Breath In Dogs?
How to Check For Canine Oral Disease?
How to Stop Bad Breath In Your Dog?
Is CEN Oil The Choice For Oral Health?

What Is The Main Cause Of Bad Breath In Dogs?

Hold the toothbrush until you read this.
One of the main causes of bad breath in dogs is incorrect diet and nutrition.
Dogs who are fed dry kibble without raw food types are at greater risk. This is due to the limited abrasion for their teeth and the carbohydrates/sugar they contain fuel plaque growth.
This leads to poor oral hygiene and periodontal disease.
Dog’s do not produce amylase in their salivary glands which is needed to breakdown and clear away the carbohydrate/sugar components that lead to plaque growth.

The build-up of plaque and tartar can lead to the development of the bacteria that cause bad breath.
Bad oral hygiene and periodontal disease are the most common causes. Periodontal disease is inflammation of the deep supporting structures of the teeth. This disease develops over time from poor oral hygiene where plaque and tartar bud-up and the gums are pushed away from the teeth exposing in new areas for bacteria to develop.
Bacteria development not only causes bad breath but can lead to infection, cavities and tooth/teeth loss.

How to Check For Canine Oral Disease?

Visual weekly checks inside your dog’s mouth for oral disease are vital. Starting when they are a puppy will ensure it becomes routine and perhaps the check can be turned into a fun game that is rewarded with a healthy treat or dental chew.

Things we need to watch for include:

  • Inflamed gums
  • Bad breath
  • Excessive drooling
  • Cysts under the tongue
  • Loose Teeth
  • Tumours in the gums
  • Plaque & Tartar build-up

If any of these symptoms are detected, contact your veterinarian for a checkup before they progress. Early detection is important so the cause can be identified and stopped.

How to Stop Bad Breath In Your Dog?

Before grabbing the toothbrush, review your dog’s diet.
To help prevent oral disease in dogs, a raw diet is highly suitable as this is what they are designed to eat naturally. The raw diet for dogs is complete with raw meaty bones or a fresh food diet that is not overloaded with carbohydrates or sugars. Raw foods contain naturally occurring enzymes that help protect the teeth and gums.
Bones can also act as your dog’s natural toothbrush. Nutritionally, fresh meaty bones contain vital proteins and minerals for bone growth, including lysine and natural calcium. For overall health the mineral profile includes selenium, copper and magnesium. These are essential to help build strong teeth, joints and bones. How to feed bones safely.

Is CEN Oil The Choice For Oral Health?

CEN Oil contains no sugar or carbohydrates so it is a healthy option for dogs with a history of oral disease. It provides high levels of Omega 3 which are highly beneficial for all dogs.
It is highly palatable & digestible with a low daily feed rate, making it a cost effective addition to the diet.
CEN Oil also provides a cool source of calories that helps support calm behaviour. More information at the CEN Oil for Dogs product page.


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