CEN Macrobiotic Crystal Salt (2 Pack)
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CEN Macrobiotic Crystal Salt (2 Pack)

$79.95 inc. GST

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Food Grade, Free From Modern Pollutants, Micro-Plastics or Contaminants

Our Natural Salt Crystals are wild harvested in Australia, food grade and free from modern pollutants, micro-plastics or contaminants. It is unprocessed, unrefined and unbleached. The salt also retains a natural balance of minerals and trace elements.

Sustainably sourced by the winter rains which dissolved part of the crust and draws brine to the surface.

It can also be termed as “Macrobiotic Salt” due its origins from unpolluted waters.

Macrobiotics is about food from the Earth. It is based on the Eastern ideal of achieving harmony between yin and yang.

Key Features

  • Naturally Rich In Mineral & Trace Elements
  • Wild Harvested In Australia
  • Food Grade
  • Unprocessed | Unrefined | Unbleached
  • No Micro-Plastics
  • No Contaminants
  • No Modern Pollutants

Feed Rate

BodyweightMinimum Feed Rate
Maintenance 25g
In Work 50g
Based on 500kg Horse and added to daily feed.

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  • Formulated By Nutritionists

    Trusted by over 7,500 happy horses and owners.

  • Australian-Made Since 2014

    Proudly Australian Made & Owned, manufacturing all our products in Australia.

  • All Natural Ingredients

    All our products are Chemical Free. We only use natural sources.




4 reviews for CEN Macrobiotic Crystal Salt (2 Pack)

  1. Danielle Doff

    I went from the standard 10kg salt you get from the produce to this.. censalt.. I thought easy to order online and get delivered – for free!.. But I am more than pleasantly surprised with the results! All my horses readily accepted it and my fussy 23yr old mare who left her feed half the time (agh..wasteful!) Has Not left a drop of feed since changing to censalt! So further research showing how the differences in censalt in compared to others – having heavy metals and things you dont want in yours horses diet! Censalt is naturally..unprocessed and rich in minerals and trace elements! Ill not be going back to any other salt! Definitely make the switch!

  2. Leigh Morcom from Black Horse Lodge

    The 12 horses we feed always left some of there salt in the bottom of there feeders, when changed over to CEN Crystal Salt there was no salt in the bottoms of feeders anymore they Luv it!!

  3. Ash Willett

    I use to feed your regular store bought rock salt. Although it did the job, it’s like I was just feeding it just because they should have salt, it didn’t feel like it had any nutritional value at all. Which means it didn’t benefit their health like you would want it to. Since coming across CEN Crystal Salt, I switched instantly, I felt confident knowing that what Is going into them now is full of rich minerals, free from the potential micro plastics and any contaminants that could get into your everyday processed salts. My horses love it & their body’s love it. That’s what you want!. It’s refreshing to see the effort put into quality feed for our large fur babies. I don’t want something that just “does the job”, I want something that’s going to maintain & improve their overall health & wellbeing for the long run. This is something that’ll help to do just that. Thank you.

  4. Mrs. Belinda Trapnell (verified owner)

    I am so excited a quality salt is available for my horses. I don’t eat average table salt myself and was looking for something for my horses. This is perfect and best of all human grade it tastes amazing. Thank you

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Is Pool Salt Safe?

Because manufacturing standards are not as strict for salt intended in chemical uses, it is recommended that your horse does not eat salt intended for pools due to potentially dangerous contamination.
Insurance policies maybe voided if feed ingredients are not approved for animal feed.