5 Quick Winter Tips For Your Horse

Winter Horse

1. Eating roughage helps keep your horse warm

Give your horse an ample supply of roughage in the form of digestible fibre like grassy hay. They will convert this into energy in the form of heat that will help them stay warmer.

Long stem roughage is important instead of chaff as it promotes more salvia which helps buffers stomach acid. Read more about the best hay type for horses (CLICK HERE)


2. Fill nutrition shortfalls

There is less nutritional value in the winter pastures and nutrients are depleted in grassy hay.
CEN CF50 was developed to fill the nutrition gaps in a healthy fibre-based pellet. Read more about CEN CF50 – 6 In 1 Pellet Vitamin and Mineral Supplement (CLICK HERE)


3. Help maintain condition

As the days get cooler, your horse will burn more calories attempting to keep warm. CEN Oil provides a healthy cool source of calories for weight maintenance with the added bonus of high omega 3 levels for the anti-inflammatory properties. Read more about CEN Oil (CLICK HERE)


4. Strengthen the digestive system 

The digestive health of your horse is very important due to the increased calorie requirements in Winter.   To help get the most nutrients out of your hard feed, CEN XtraBalance can help increase nutrient absorption and improve digestive health. Read more about CEN XtraBalance (CLICK HERE)


5. Balance the diet 

Through winter, immune system health becomes even more important. Achieving sufficient vitamin and mineral levels and the addition of prebiotics and probiotics will enable proper immune function.

When Winter is finished you still want your horse to feel well and still remain in great condition regardless of the workload. We offer a free diet analysis and can formulate balanced diets according to your workload, environment and goals. Please visit our Contact Us page.


Written by Bryan Meggitt (BMedSc. PGCrtMedSc.)
Senior Scientist and Co-founder of CEN Nutrition

Bryan is passionate about improving equine health through nutrition according to science & nature.


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