CF50 Grain-Free Equine Multivitamin & Mineral Pellet

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6 In 1 Grain Free Multivitamin & Mineral Pellet for Easy Keepers

Australian made horse multivitamin feed supplement
CF50 Grain-Free Equine Multivitamin & Mineral Pellet
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A specially balanced and complete multivitamin and mineral profile is utilised to supplement nutritional deficiencies which may help to maintain bone and hoof integrity as well as assist with muscle, skin and coat health.

Live Prebiotic and Probiotics helps support and promote healthy immunity and the digestive system. The pellet increases palatability and reduces wastage which can be encountered with powdered supplements.

Key Features

  • Complete multivitamin and mineral profile
  • Pellet form to reduce waste and increase palatability
  • Low calorie index, suitable for overweight horses
  • May assist with digestive, hoof, coat, bone & muscle health
  • Grain free, high fibre, low sugar formulation
  • Suitable for pleasure & performance horses
  • Safe to use in laminitis, ulcer and colic prone horses
  • Suitable for horses with metabolic disorders

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  • Formulated By Nutritionists

    Trusted by over 7,500 happy horses and owners.

  • Australian-Made Since 2014

    Proudly Australian Made & Owned, manufacturing all our products in Australia.

  • All Natural Ingredients

    All our products are Chemical Free. We only use natural sources.

Digestive Health

The fibre based pellet maintains a healthy gut microbiome and the live probiotics and prebiotics promote the growth of beneficial good bacteria. The live probiotics stabilise the pH and reduce lactic acid in the hindgut. The results is a stimulated activity and growth of beneficial good bacteria for more efficient feed conversion. Improvements in appetite, behaviour and manure quality are all associated with a healthy gut environment.

Immune System Health

Key chelated minerals are required for a proper functioning immune system. Prebiotics inhibit harmful bacteria whilst stimulating the immune system function. The prebiotics blocks the attachment and development of harmful bacteria within the gut. This has a positive effect on the horse’s natural immune system, reducing the risk of disease through a stronger immune response.

Hoof Health

Specifically balanced vitamin and mineral profile including chelated zinc, methionine & biotin also by creating a healthier gut microbiome, biotin is produced naturally by the horse in the hindgut and utilised to help maintain hoof health.

Skin & Coat Condition

Zinc is more important for dark colours, while copper is more important for chestnuts. It is crucial that zinc and copper are at correct ratios in the diet, regardless of the colour of the horse. Australian pasture, hay and feed crops are commonly low in zinc and copper while being naturally high in iron (CF50 has no added iron). This has a great impact on a horse’s dietary intake as all three compete for absorption. Too much of one means less of the others are absorbed. CF50 contains Chelated Zinc and Chelated Copper which are more readily absorbed by horses.

Bone & Muscle Health

Calcium and phosphorous are the main minerals found in bones. The ratio should be up to 3:1 Ca:P for the overall diet. Magnesium is required for the collagen matrix and bone mineralisation. Zinc, Copper and Boron for bone development. Zinc in particular for bone and cartilage formation. The key vitamins are Vitamin D for bone mineralisation and calcium and phosphorus absorption. Vitamin A for osteoclast function, bone resorbing cells in bone remodelling. Vitamin C in collagen synthesis and repair. Vitamin K in bone and cartilage metabolism.


Written by Bryan Meggitt (BMedSc. PGCrtMedSc.)

Senior Scientist and Co-founder of CEN Horse Nutrition

Nutritional Info


Lupin Hulls, Lupin Kernels, Marine Sourced Calcium, CEN Formulated Vitamin & Mineral Premix, Natural Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Chelated Zinc, Chelated Copper, Chelated Manganese, Live Probiotics &amp: Prebiotics.

Nutritional Analysis

Nutrients Per 1kg
Crude Protein 14%
Crude Fibre 30%
Crude Fat 3%
Calcium 60g
Phosphorus 24g
Magnesium 32g
Lysine 10g
Methionine 5g
Sodium 3g
Potassium 6g
Chloride 6g
Zinc 3000mg
Copper 1000mg
Iron 125mg
Manganese 600mg
Cobalt 4mg
Iodine 12mg
Selenium 7mg
Chromium 4mg
Boron 80mg
Vitamin A 140000IU
Vitamin E 4000IU
Vitamin C 4000mg
Vitamin D 12000IU
Vitamin K 16mg
Vitamin B1 200mg
Vitamin B2 60mg
Vitamin B3 360mg
Vitamin B5 120mg
Vitamin B6 60mg
Vitamin B12 4mg
Folic Acid 40mg
Biotin 30mg
Live Probiotics 8000mg
Prebiotics 8000mg

Feed Rate

Type Feed
Not in work 100g
Light work 100-150g
Moderate work 150-200g
Heavy work 200-250g
Pregnant/lactating mares 150-200g
Breeding stallions 150-200g
Weanlings, yearlings, 2YOS 150-200g
Aged horse (not in work) 150-200g


Can I soak CEN CF50?

Yes, CEN CF50 can be fed soaked. It can also be fed dry or damp depending on the individual horse’s preference.

How to work out how much CEN CF50 to feed?

There is a suggested feeding guide, but our Free Diet Analysis is the best way. This is because all horses should be treated as individuals due to many factors including other nutrients in the diet, genetics and environment.

Is CEN CF50 safe for LAMINITIC PRONE and horses with LAMINITIS?

Yes, it is safe with an NSC % of less than 5%.

Is CEN CF50 safe for ULCER PRONE and horses with ULCERS?

Yes, it is safe being very low in sugar and starch, and promotes a healthy digestive environment.

Can I feed a PROBIOTIC on top of CEN CF50?

Yes, the CEN CF50 includes a daily maintenance support of live probiotics but if your horse requires further support, a probiotic/digestive supplement can be fed on top. CEN XtraBalance is an excellent addition for horses prone to digestive upsets from stress or increased workload.

30 reviews for CF50 Grain-Free Equine Multivitamin & Mineral Pellet

  1. Jemma

    Absolutely love this product! My boy has never looked better. Easy maintenance and very straight forward directions! Wouldn’t change a thing 😊

  2. Penny Coleman

    The CEN CF50 has made a dramatic difference in my horses behaviour…something was off with him but i knew it wasn’t ulcers…but the pre and probiotics seem to have done the trick…and he’s a fatty so just CF50 and wheaten chaff…looks a million bucks.

  3. Rebecca Lindsell

    This is my absolute go to horse supplement. My horses are in exceptional health due to these pellets and I’m agisting so they don’t get it every day. Only when I’m there which is 3-4 times per week. Their coats are shiny, hooves are perfect, beautiful muscle tone with little exercise, zero skin issues including rain scale that was almost inevitable with the torrential unprecedented rain we’ve had in NSW, my gelding used to have clicky hips and I’ve noticed that has gone also. I could go on and on but basically my horses are in show condition with minimal effort on my part. Team this product with CEN oil and your horses will look like glass. I have been using CEN for years and always will. Nothing else compares.

  4. Chloe

    I absolutely love CEN CF50! It is a staple in all my horses diets. My 21 & 22 year old live on CF50 all year round! CF50 is highly affordable and economical. I highly recommend CF50 and CEN nutrition!

  5. Jess Fittock

    My favourite product
    My horses have been on CEN CF50 for over a year now and they have never looked better, I get so many compliments about my horses and how healthy they look and I just love how easy this product makes feeding horses with its awesome low feed rate and all of the goodness in every pellet.
    Highly recommended

  6. Kelly Gillard (verified owner)

    Having 3 horses, one thoroughbred and two Anglo Arabs, I find the CEN CF50 plus the CEN Oil great for all of them. They all glow and look amazing, other horse owners at my agistment compliment me on their appearance and ask me what I am feeding. Very happy I made the leap and changed their feeds!

  7. Juli (verified owner)

    CF50 is a must in my horses diets. Between one horse who suffers from Laminitis & another with PSSM, this product together with CEN oil makes feeding simple and effective. All my horses look and feel great and the feed cost has gone down. I’m so happy with our results and glad I made the swop to CEN Nutrition. I recommend this product to everyone!

  8. Rebecca (verified owner)

    This product is amazing. I particularly was interested in the copper/zinc and boom my ponies are looking fabulous after their first 15kg bucket. I have tried a number of multi vitamin’s and this one has definitely shown through on healthy they both are. Especially the copper chestnut with 4 white socks that so far has had no nasties on his legs which I have battled at this time of the year for the past 4 years!
    So excited for this product actually works.

  9. Michelle

    Great product, horses are looking great since switching to CEN CF50 healthy shiny coats and pellets make it easy to feed having no added iron is great have a thoroughbred who’s had iron overload before so don’t like extra adding iron to his diet.

  10. DaniRose (verified owner)

    Absolutely love CF50 for my horses! Of the two I have, each had their own coat and health issues when I purchased them… and yet with the CF50, CEN Xtrabalance & CEN Oil in my feed room, they have absolutely blossomed health wise and are looking and feeling fantastic! Thanks so much guys I recommend your products to everyone I know! 🙂

  11. DaniRose (verified owner)

    Absolutely love CF50 for my horses! Of the two I have, each had their own coat and health issues when I purchased them… and yet with the CF50, Xtrabalance & CEN Oil in my feed room, they have absolutely blossomed health wise and are looking and feeling fantastic! Thanks so much guys I recommend your products to everyone I know! 🙂

  12. Lindsay

    This product has been a GAME CHANGER!

    I had been feeding other complete feeds to my show ponies for years and was never happy with their overall health and condition. We struggled with weight gain, temperament, poor coat and hoof condition.

    I contacted CEN directly after listening to the podcast and I knew I had to try this product after hearing so many positive stories.

    Bryan did a diet analysis on what I was feeding at the time and informed me why I was having the issues. I thought I was covering my horses diet with feeding well known complete feeds, How wrong was I! Not only was my horses diet extremely low in the daily recommended requirements but extremely high levels of Iron. Made sense why my horses were struggling and I was having so many issues.

    I bit the bullet and changed over to the CF50 and the Lupin pellet. I noticed changes within the first week in behaviour and then changes with coat, body condition followed.

    We have since endured several wet weather events, both our ponies have all white feet and we haven’t had any skin, greasy heel issues at all!!
    Our show ponies are all prepped on CEN products. I love that the products are cost effective and economical with feeding two ponies in full show prep.

    I could never swap back to any other feed now that we have seen the results from feeding CEN. I recommend this product to everyone knowing it works and is a product that has been extensively researched to ensure it meets the health requirements.

    Thank you CEN for making the best mineral & Vitamin Supplement on the market.

  13. Marie (verified owner)

    All my horses looks great on this product

  14. Jess (verified owner)

    I tried another product after CF50 and regret stopping CF50 – I’m going back to CF50 now and won’t be changing again!

  15. Mereki Canacott

    I absolutely love Cen CF50 for my ‘good-doer’ Percheron X mare. It’s simple and effective with a low cost feed rate. My girl looks and feels sensational. I highly recommend the Cen range to everyone!

  16. Josie Fakira

    My performance pony has gone onto this and never looked better CF50 is a great supplement to include in everyday feeds. He’s had ulcers in the past and we have found this has helped with digestive health and maintained a good gut balance. High recommend as a regular part of the diet for performance horses.

  17. Petrina Clarke (verified owner)

    Have used this product for about a year. Economical for me as I have my QH a pregnant Appy mare and two minis. Even now as winter approaches they are all so shiny and the money I have saved is unreal!

  18. Renee Neubauer (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a low dosage vit /min supplement that has all the goods without the high price this is it .
    Highly palatable and sifting out is no more an issue.
    Have all our horses on it.
    The most impressive part is seeing the results on the Project Hope Horse Welfare horses that are now on it . Brilliant product CEN .✅✅✅

  19. Maree Monaghan

    Top quality low volume ration balancer that made my horses hooves, manes and tails grow at a ridiculously fast rate! My herd of senior horses find also find it extremely palatable. Highly recommended

  20. Chris piscopo (verified owner)

    My horses are on cf50 and cen oil. They’re coats are gleaming and their feet are in the best shape ever

  21. Tanja Kraus (verified owner)

    We feed CF50 pellets year round to our herd of 9 horses. From OTT to Quarter horses, Paints to warmbloods, horses in full work to young or semi retired. They are all covered, healthy and shiny. Easy to feed with a low feed rate makes paddock feeding a breeze too. Wouldn’t feed anything else. Tanja Kraus Horsemanship

  22. Kerrie Butt

    My 21 year old Standi has been reaping all the benefits of CF50 for quite a few years now. He honestly looks amazing has other riders always commenting on how good he looks and how shiny his coat always is. I feel quite proud and will continue to add CF50 to his feed.

  23. Colleen Shields (verified owner)

    CEN CF50 saved my pony’s life. Without CF50, I don’t think he would’ve come through his first laminitis bout. I feed it to all my horses to balance their diets including my laminitic pony.

  24. Jasmin Rogers

    CEN CF50 has been the absolute best product I’ve put my horses on. From the competition horses, to the rescues, as well as broodmares. It has done absolute wonders in putting on condition and making sure everyone gets their vitamins and minerals. I’ve received numerous comments about my horses condition as they’ve never looked better!

  25. Leonie Frahm

    After major stomach surgery and having 5 lt’s of sand removed from my gelding’s intestine, I put him on CEN CF50 and haven’t looked back. He’s been on this magnificent supplement for over 3yrs and the recovery and overall condition of my boy is outstanding and he gets lots of compliments about his coat and condition. I love this product and can’t recommend it highly enough. Thank you Cen.

  26. Brooklyn Coverdale (verified owner)

    CEN CF50 is a godsend. We are very lucky to have lush pastures, which means we can have very fat horses sometimes! I was struggling to manage their weight but make sure they were getting all the correct vitamins and minerals, until I found CEN! Now we have no issues at all and my horses are happy and healthy

  27. Renee Neubauer (verified owner)

    Having this product not only takes the stress out of the horse by preventing vitamin and mineral deficiency but it takes the stress out of me too knowing they’re getting the best in such a low dosage measure. Not without this for all my own horses and the ones I take in on behalf of Project Hope Horse Welfare VIC . It’s a ripper product. Thanks CEN your supplements do what they say !

  28. Teagan (verified owner)

    I’m seeing dapples!! After already using CEN oil and CEN grain free I’ve noticed a noticeable difference in coat colour, quality, shine and starting to see some dapples since I’ve started CEN CF50! Love CEN products!

  29. Kerrie Butt (verified owner)

    I have been adding the Cen C50 for past couple of years now. My 21 year old boy looks half his age and he receives a heap of compliments as to how amazing he looks. And he does, shiny coat, well conditioned and I know the Cen C50 plays a big part in him getting the right requirements of vitamins and minerals. Great product. Thankyou!

  30. Matthew

    CEN CF50 is very economical. Just a handful/100g gives all your horses require each day to stay healthy, it’s a quality concentrated pellet that the horses Love!

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