CEN Dog Multivitamin Powder Supplement

$29.95 inc. GST

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Vitamin & Mineral Meal Topper to help balance your dog’s diet.

CEN Dog Multivitamin
CEN Dog Multivitamin Powder Supplement $29.95 inc. GST
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The lack of vitamins and minerals in your dog’s diet may be causing health problems. The modern processed and raw diets may lack the crucial nutrients your pups require.

CEN Dog Powder Multivitamin Supplement can help fill in the nutritional deficiencies that may be present in your dog’s diet. We also offer the convenience of CEN Dog Multivitamin Chews.

Key Features of our Canine Multivitamin

  • Formulated by PhD Nutritionist
  • Vitamin & Mineral Balancer
  • Marine Sourced Calcium & Phosphorus
  • Live Probiotics & Prebiotics
  • Recommended For Puppies & Growing Dogs (6 weeks – 2 years)
  • Promotes Good Gut Bacteria & Immunity
  • Supports Healthy Bones & Teeth
  • Supports a Healthy Thyroid
  • Meal Topper for All Dogs – All Breeds

Feed Rate

BodyweightFeed Rate
Under 20kg5g
Over 20kg10g
  • This feed rate supplies approximately 50% of the NRC canine requirement for maintenance.
  • Caution always ensure calcium & phosphorus ratios are balanced when also feeding bone & organ meats.

Written By:

Bryan Meggitt (BMedSc. GCrtMedSc.)
Co-Founder / Blood Scientist | CEN Nutrition


CEN Formulated Premix, Marine Sourced Calcium, Kelp, Live Probiotics, Prebiotics, Natural Antioxidant.

Nutritional Analysis

Active Ingredients (per 1 kg)
Calcium 230g
Phosphorus 72g
Magnesium 6.9g
Sodium 21.2g
Chloride 32.3g
Zinc 1800mg
Copper 239mg
Manganese 136mg
Iodine 23.9mg
Selenium 5.9mg
Vitamin A 0.115MIU
Vitamin D3 0.0285MIU
Vitamin E 1500IU
Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 60mg
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 136mg
Niacin (Vitamin B3) 284mg
Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) 283mg
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 60mg
Vitamin B12 590mg
Live Probiotics 268mg
Prebiotics 289mg
Omega 3 EPA/DHA 305mg


  • Formulated By Nutritionists

    Trusted by over 7,500 happy horses and owners.

  • Australian-Made Since 2014

    Proudly Australian Made & Owned, manufacturing all our products in Australia.

  • All Natural Ingredients

    All our products are Chemical Free. We only use natural sources.



Do dogs need multivitamins?

Most commercially available and homemade diets are nutritionally deficient, ensuring the calcium and phosphorus ratios are balanced is essential – especially in early development. With the move towards raw feeding the convenience of CEN Multivitamin to supply approximately 50% of the NRC canine requirement (maintenance).

Formulated by a PHD Nutritionist this powdered supplement is free from fillers & sugars and is easily added to any meal.

8 reviews for CEN Dog Multivitamin Powder Supplement

  1. Leisa

    When my dog became quite fussy with meals and refused all kibble I was relieved to have this product on hand to add to her raw meals.
    I am happy knowing her nutritional needs are covered while she settles back into normal eating.
    No issues with taste.

    Thanks CEN

  2. Ellie

    Thankyou CEN !!! My dog has stopped chewing his tail and skin !! I’ve done so many trip and different medications from the vets and nothing worked! So Thankyou CEN for the amazing product that has changed my dogs life !!

  3. @asnagsworld

    Absolutely love love love! My dogs will eat this with zero issues & I know they’re getting all the nutrition they need 🙏🏽😊

  4. Tanya

    Fantastic product! I bought CEN for my older dog, after tests found her red blood count was down and she had lost some weight. She is 9 and always had good yearly health checks and has always been a healthy weight. Tests and special visits could not find the cause, so I looked around at what I could do to add to her diet. I found CEN and the changes have been amazing. She has put back on the weight she lost, her blood count has been back where it should the last 3 months and she has all the energy again. I have now added the CEN Oil and Collagen to both my dogs daily food. Highly Recommend.

  5. Zara (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this meal topper! It’s a great way to know your pup is getting all the vitamins he/she needs! And if you ask my pup, it taste great.

  6. Zara (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this meal topper! It’s a great way to know your pup is getting all the vitamins he/she needs! And if you ask my pup, it taste great. Highly recommend.

  7. Mary Perry (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with this supplier. My orders are always well packed. Quick delivery. The products are good too.

  8. Jess Fittock (verified owner)

    We love this product it’s extremely palatable it smells like meat so Dozer loves it in his night feed, it’s so important for our dog to have all of his vitamins and minerals he’s such an active farm dog so it’s fantastic that we have access to such high quality supplements to ensure we can give them what they need and lack in their diets! Highly recommend this product

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